The Crossfire Revolution

In the time of the revolutionary war, a British Infantry soldier named Matthew Connoway is fired by a corrupt Colonel and is framed for murder, he defends himself from his British Hunters, while trying to survive the American ones. He is in a crossfire, and he is fighting for his enemy, and his enemy, is himself.


1. The Perfect Frame of a Picture

Just another day in the life of Matthew Connoway, a British Soldier, as I walk along this route, this route that I walk for Great Britain and the King himself, I know this may drain me of a few years in life, being out here in the cold, late December, bu this war, this war has threatened my family, and I need to protect them more than anyone. I'm not the biggest guy, I sure am not the strongest, well.....I guess that's why they have me "Protecting" a Bridge that noone goes too. But at this point they need as many people as they can get, if it weren't In-moral, I'm almost positive they would be recruiting woman, but at-least we can use them as Nurses, and a few of them can clean our uniforms and all those shenanigans......I don't need them, I'm not in the battlefield, I've been here since the beginning, since those scum feel like they can betray our country, the country that helped these people thrive, the same country that helped them live on, and PROSPER, but when, after many years, the king decides to Raise the taxes, not even the taxes for living quarters, but FOR TEA! The So called "Patriots" revolt, I had no idea they even drank Tea.


But as time goes on, I'm sure they grow stronger, as of now the people on the streets laugh and feel as though doing their morning chores is as easy as taking these people out, well i have news for them, these people pose a threat to our great nation, and I will not allow this to happen, there will be no threat from us eventually if we do not start to prepare, and I, Matthew Connoway, know that this is the start.


*Matthew continues his rounds when he hears a voice*

"Private Connoway! Come over here." the voice says. The voice turns out to be Colonel Artiem. The most esteemed colonel in the county, Matthew, obviously delighted, marches over to the Colonel with prestige and answers him. "Yes Colonel." The Colonel responds, "I am going to have you stop your routes here. There is no more needed in this area, no traffic runs through here anymore." And Matthew, hearing this, becomes even more happy and replies, "Alright Sir, well.....where will I be transferred?" After a long staring episode the Colonel silently tells Matthew "We won't be needing your services anymore, Good day."


And just like that, My world, My state of mind, me thinking, "Hey I belong somewhere, I have a mission in life." Went away. I looked over the bridge I now formerly guarded, and thought to myself, why would you say you are 'Relieving' me of my duties when the true relief would be keeping my post here at the bridge. As I thought that I ran up to the Colonel and the all of a sudden, a gun shot went off, I hit the deck, and so did the Colonel, except he landed on his face, motionless, and breathless. I was as breathless as the dead colonel was, seeing his body, I yelled for help and shot my rifle in the air hoping to get any sort of attention I could.


More soldiers approached me and told me I was under arrest, and my Instinct to live kicked in, and I jumped off of the bridge, landed in the lake, avoided a few gunshots, and swam, I swam as fast as I could, I was now a criminal......I, Matthew Connoway.....was framed.

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