Falling in Love

Alison Mack is your typical 17 year old. She has long caramel colored hair and big brown hazel eyes. She's very fit but eats more than Niall Horan. Her life changes one night at a One Direction concert.

Niall Horan felt out of place when all the boys had girlfriends. One summer night in St. Louis, Niall finds a girl in the crowd who he falls for.


1. amantes

"Alison guess what!" Ellie cried in my face bouncing up and down, her body jiggling. 

"There's a buffet for lunch today? Praise the lord," I said.

"Nope! It's so much better!" she said.

"I don't know Ellie just tell me," I said.

"My cousin works at Scotrade center and she snagged us pit seat tickets to One Direction for the concert May 29th!" she said.

"OH MY GOD! Please tell me this isn't a dream! But Ellie, its the 27th!" I cried.

"I know, I know, my mom called Gina and Gina said it was fine!" Ellie cried.

"Gina said yes?!?!?!?" 

"Apparently!" Ellie cried.


Once I got home I hugged Gina.

"You know now don't you?" she asked.

"Yes! I love you Gina!" I said.

"I love you too, please stop calling me Gina, I'm Aunt Gina," she said.

"But you're Gina to me," I fake whined.

"Fine, study for your last exam," she sighed.

"What exams? I only have art and pe tomorrow," I said.

"Lucky you," she smiled.

"What's for dinner?" I asked grabbing a can of pepsi.

"I'm thinking Imos," Gina smiled

"Sweet," I sighed. I loved Imos so much.


The bell rang.

I was now a senior!

Ellie ran up and hugged me.

"We get to see our husbands in 29 hours!" she cried. She loved Liam Payne.

"I'm so excited to see Niall, we need to get there early so we can be somewhere where we can touch hands, and he can sing into our phone," I smiled.

"Okay lover girl," she beamed.

"You're so funny, let's go get food," I said.

"I'll pass, I'm on a diet, my mom is kicking my ass saying I need to get into shape," she said.

"Your body is amazing," I smiled.


It was finally May 29th! 

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