Dramate Ploras

A collection of my poems. They're very emotional and special to me.


3. Requiem for A Little Girl’s Dream


All it took was one tumultuous dive

And I broke my curse of being alive

I visited R’lyeh, took tea in the Atlantic

Rejoiced in the choirs of Whale song

And met sharks busy, clever and frantic


Alas I woke painfully and with a start

Then a dreadful sinking in my heart

For I mourned my time in the sea

And creatures who had befriended me


So cruel are dreams that they do not exist

And can be so real that they are missed

My heart bled out for this terrible news

I hadn’t been floating through hues of blues


It saddened me no doubt for I couldn’t swim

My dream must really have been a whim

I am doomed to wander a concrete jungle

A jungle grey and cold and without trees

Instead of sailing the beautiful seven seas

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