Dramate Ploras

A collection of my poems. They're very emotional and special to me.


2. Clockwork's Perks

How fine it should be to run on clockwork

Built up with a fine heart made from steel

And then my worries of the feelings I feel

Should disappear far away


To run on a schedule of ticks and tocks

To never need food or sleep

To never feel and therefore never weep

To be useful and efficient, always


Never a fear of the woos of a gentleman

To live without the threat of romance

Or busy hands of a gentleman when you dance

At balls whilst looking for a husband


For you should never need a husband

The very thought of such a thing is obscene

That is when you are a clockwork machine

And that’s the best part of being made from metal


Yet should you go out in the rain

Your face and arms and legs and joints shall rust

And you cannot weep though secretly you must

But your deal means you cannot


And the inventor who made you in his shop

Will not be bothered to repair you

Instead he will make another you, faster, prettier and new

And smelt down your rusted old parts into a necklace


And you shall adorn the new girl he has made

And she will never know the horrible truth of her necklace

And all of your efforts to tell her are feckless

Until she meets the same fate as you

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