I'll never let you go

Ella is staying at Niall's house on Thursday night when her dad takes her. they get into an accident. her father is dead and she is alive but will she be able to live through this tragedy ? with Niall's love and support we'll see.


11. why!?

Niall's P.O.V.

She had that smile that could make a dying person happy. That smile went down and her face went to worry.

"Ells, what's wrong?"

"Niall. I cant marry you." she said it with such seriousness. Surely she had to be joking. She wasn't. Tears started to form in her eyes.

" Ella, why? Dammit!! Why do you push away the people that care about you the most?!"

" I push them away because I know I don't deserve them! I'm not good enough for you and everyone knows it."

She started to walk away. I couldn't let my princess go. She was was the one. She always will be.


I chased after her. I got her by her arm and pulled her into a kiss. A kiss that could give me life when i am dead.


"No! Don't you dare talk. Listen to me for once you stubborn beauty." I chuckled/yelled

I'm telling her everything. The reason I love her. The reason i asked her to marry me.

" Ella, You  are perfect to me me. It's you i don't deserve. But if the world gave me you so be it.I love the way you laugh, I love the way you smile. I love the way you cook. Your pancakes are out of this world. I love the that you don't know you're beautiful so I can tell you everyday. I love the way you sneeze and how it gets high pitched at the end because it reminds me how our children are  going to sound like when they sneeze. But most of all I love you and i couldn't express it anymore if you won't let me do it physically. I want to marry you because you make me happy and i can actually picture my future with you in it. So please can we go home because to love you anymore I have to make love to you."

"I love you so much Niall. Now let's go put those moves to work." she giggled.

I had her right where I needed her. We reached the house and i told her to go on up because I was thirsty. She went up to the room and I went to the kitchen. I grabbed a knife and went upstairs.



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