I'll never let you go

Ella is staying at Niall's house on Thursday night when her dad takes her. they get into an accident. her father is dead and she is alive but will she be able to live through this tragedy ? with Niall's love and support we'll see.


5. Hospital

Niall's P.O.V. I was worried. Ella's dad just took her. Where were they? Was she ok? I mean she told me she was okay but she was probably just lying to get me off her back. / RING RING RING/ " Hello?" " Hello. This is the St. Josephs Hospital. We are calling to inform you that Ella has been in a very serious accident. We need someone to help out with the information. Is there any way you can get here?" " uhh.. Yes! I'll be there in 5 minutes!" " ok! Thank you Mr..... " oh. Horan. Niall Horan" /BEEP/ oh my god. no! I can't lose her. She is the best thing in my life. It started to cry as i walked out the door and head to the hospital. " I'm here to confirm information about Ella Weggs." " Come back here, sir. Follow me." " If she okay?" " Sir, she is in the ICU. We regret to inform you that her father has died in the crash. we did everything we possibly could. from what we have heard he had died instantly at the time of the crash." " Oh my... I.... Uh...... Well when can she get a room? Where do i wait?" " Her condition is critical. We just have to wait it out. In the meantime you can just go home or sit down until we have all the information about her procedure. " I'll stay here. I'll be sitting right over there." She nodded and walked away. Ella's dad. He was gone, dead. How was she going to react? " Mr. Horan?" " Yes?" " She is going to be just fine she has a broken rib. well a few actually. Ha-ha. I had informed her about her dad so the stress is all off of you. She could really use some comforting. She is in room 1572. I'll take you to her room." " ok." Tears were slowly gong down my face. I was trying to hold them back. I needed to be strong for Ella. As soon as I saw her, i was weak. I broke down. " Ni?" " Ella?!"
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