I'll never let you go

Ella is staying at Niall's house on Thursday night when her dad takes her. they get into an accident. her father is dead and she is alive but will she be able to live through this tragedy ? with Niall's love and support we'll see.


4. Everything's just wrong but just right

Ella's P.O.V. My dad came bursting through the door as soon as the best thing ever was about to happen to me! Of all people, it had to be my dad! " Ella? What's going on ?" Niall asked. My dad pulled me out of the house and pushed me into the car before I could say anything. I got a text from Niall. It read: " Ella please answer me ! Are you okay? Is there something you need me to say to the police. Do I need to call them and tell them What's happened? Ella please?" I replied: " Niall! I'm fine. My father is drunk. Please don't call the police. I'll explain everything later i promise. xxx" We started to pick up speed as we reached 5th & 6th avenue. I got really scared and held onto the handle at the top of the car on the inside. There was a big semi-truck going through the intersection as we were going full speed ahead. We crashed. We got hit. I could barely breathe. Then my eyes started to close and everything went black.
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