I'll never let you go

Ella is staying at Niall's house on Thursday night when her dad takes her. they get into an accident. her father is dead and she is alive but will she be able to live through this tragedy ? with Niall's love and support we'll see.


10. Carnival

Niall's P.O.V.

                                                          / NEXT DAY/


I have everything planned for today! I'm going to pick up Ella, take her to the house to get changed, go to the carnival, go to the beach, go out to eat, take her home to relax and watch movies, and if she accepts, i want to make love to her. Not sex, love. I went to the hospital and ran to room 1572 with a bouquet of flowers. Peonies. She was already dressed and ready to go. Perfect!


Ella's P.O.V.

He took me to the carnival and we had so much fun! We ran like little kids all the way from the house to the carnival because i wanted to actually make use of my legs. We went on a few rides, had some cotton candy and popcorn, rode some more rides. Niall started to pick on me and so i started chasing him, eventually stopping on top of a hill, a distance away from the crowd at the theme park. We lay there, bathed in the sunset. We were laughing so hard.

" Well that was fun!" 

I giggled, sitting up and pulling out a shamrock and twisting it between my fingers. I saw Niall sit up from the corner of my eye. Then, LMFAO'S I'm Sexy And I Know It started blasting from the carnival and we could hear it, but faintly. Niall jumped to his feet and started dancing like an idiot. He was my idiot.When he did the Irish Jig, I couldn't stop laughing and cheering and clapped like a retarded idiot ha ha.

" Girl look at that body."

Niall chanted making funny face , and making me laugh even more! He pulled me to my feet and I started jumping and dancing around him, laughing, having fun, not caring about what other people think. He sat down, breathing hard. He took his hands and cupped my face, and kissed me. His kiss took my breath away. What would i do without him? My best friend and now my future husband. But I'm not good enough for him. He should be with someone better. I feel like i'm pushing him away and i am.I started to worry about what to do.

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