No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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7. tuttie fruity

I wake up to the sound If my bedroom door slamming against my wall. ''Rose! Hurry were going to be late. We slept in!'' Niall spoke frantically as he entered my room. I expected him to be over reacting and shot my head at the clock I had set up on my night stand. It was 5:30 and we were suposed to be up and 5:00. We would leave the house at 7:00 which gave is plenty of time to pack. I rolled my eyes and stumped out If bed. I went to grabbed my black suitcase which I had leaning against the wall. I quickly grabbed it which was next to another one. I plopped If on my bed then stopped in my tracks. Wait? Did I just see another one? I look back and see a brand new vera suitcase along with a weekender and a purse sitting together in the corner. I walk over to them in awe. I see a letter atached to the suitcase. I pick If up and unfold the peice If paper. Rose Suprise! I noticed your worn out, black suitcase and decided that If was time for a new one! Lux told me you really liked what ever brand this stuff is...I don't really know. Anyways I hope you like them! If you want different patterns I could always return them and get you another one. There were so many It was overwhelming so Lux told me to get you whatever I thought reminded me If you. I picked provencal but she said the colors were too 'jumpy'. Whatever that means. I liked It though. After hours If looking at flower designs I decided on Watercolor. You better like It!!! Love Niall:) I laughed reading about his frusturations In finding me the perfection pattern. I excidedly ran out of my room and down the hall. I skipped down the stairs and heard Niall talking to someone in the kitchen. I ran towards them and saw Niall's back turned towards me. I wrapped my arms around his back and repeatedly thanked him. He jumped a little in suprisment and then giggled. ''Woah Rose. You okay?'' Niall asked. ''Thank-you!!'' I eeaked. ''Im glad you like it.'' He said while laughing at how stupid i was. ''I do.'' I said. ''You better! I spent hours on that dumb website trying to figure out exactly what you wanted. Lux helped me alot. She told me to get whatever i wouldnt get because i always picked the ugly ones.'' He said in a baby voice and shot me a pouty face. ''Well, what you got me was perfect.'' I said in a baby tone and squeezed his cheek. ''Why do you guys always do that?'' Liam said as he gave us a disaproving look. ''What?'' I asked. ''Make those...weird...uh..voices!'' He said and threw his hands up in the air. ''Oh you mean like this?'' I said returning to my baby voice and walking towards him. ''Yes! Exactly like that its creepy..'' he said backing away from me towards the kitchen door. I picked up my speed and he jumped out of the door and i hopped on his back as we entered the living room sending him falling on the couch. I sat there laughing as hard as i could. I watched Niall laugh watching us act like we were little kids. ''Oh.'' Liam said getting off the couch. ''You think this is funny?'' Liam asked. I nodded. ''I think its halarious.'' I scowled at him. ''You might want to change that answer.'' He said coming closer to the spot on the ground i fell on while i was laughing. I shook my head. ''You asked for it.'' Liam said and attacked my stomich as i erupted into laughter. ''Liam stop!'' I managed to get out. ''Is it funny now?'' Liam asked. ''No! Its not funny!'' I answered. ''Then why are you laughing?'' He asked. ''Because you're tickling me!'' I said ponting out the obvious. ''Im not convinced. Niall i think i need some assistance.'' Liam said to Niall. He nodded with a smirk across his face and started tickling me too. ''I am so breaking up with you!'' I yelled at Niall. I let out a....uh...puff so to speak.'' Rose! That was not lady like!'' Liam said. ''I learned from the best.'' I said implying to Niall. He laughed so hard. I turned bright red. ''You are officialy crazy.'' Liam said. ''Now I think I should've gotten you the tuttie fruity pattern.'' Niall said as i threw a pillow at his face.
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