No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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3. Tipsy Much?

Her outfit: I walked out of the bathroom in my new dress and shoes. I wore a white dress with roses flowing over the top. I spot Niall sitting on a bench outside the bathroom waiting for me. He looks up from his phone and his expression goes clear. ''Too dressy?'' I ask holding the ends of the dress out. He gulps before he answers. ''N-not at all.'' I laugh and walk over to him. He stands up and rests his hands on my hips and I wrap my arms around his neck. He rests his forehead down on mine. I peck his lips and pull away. He just stood there with his hands still holding me close. Even with my heals on he stands and inch taller than me. Normally he stands twice that. ''Wanna go?'' I ask. He nods and we walk down the hall holding hands and out into the bar. I spot Bella across the room talking to someone. The music is pounding in my ears and the lights flashing in different colors. ''Do you want a drink?'' Niall yells over the music. I nodd. He brings me over to the side of the bar and takes a seat at it. I sit next to him , our hands still connected. Niall calls the bartender over who is turned around. He turns and my grip on Niall's hand tightens and I turn my head the memories flooding back as I bite my lip. I hear Niall converse with the bartender about our drinks. ''Is that you Rose?'' The bartender says. I release Niall's hand and walk away. I don't look back I walk right over to Bella who is still talking to the girl. ''Bella.'' I rudely interrupt. She's shocked at my urgent tone. ''Rose, what's wrong?'' She asks. ''Justin's here.'' I say. She gasps. Justin is my ex boyfriend who tried to fight the boys. Why was he here? Why did I even agree to stay? Why can't I just leave? I thought and felt someone tap my shoulder. I turn and see Liam. ''Niall's looking for you. He said you just left. He's worried.'' Liam said. I look around the room and spot him still at the bar. ''Remember when you guys came over and had to sleep over because the hotel was crowded?'' I asked. He nodded. ''Well, remember my ex boyfriend Justin?'' I said. ''Oh yeah! I remember it was the guy who tried to fight Harry right?'' Liam asked. ''Yeah. Well, he's the bartender.'' I said. ''Oh...'' Liam replied. ''Dont let him ruin your fun.'' Liam said. He was right. I couldn't let him do that. ''Okay.'' I said. He gave me a smile and left. I turned back to Bella. ''Rose!'' The girl talking to Bella said. I turned to her. ''lux!'' I said in shock. Lux was a friend I met in London. I hugged her. ''How have you been?'' She asked. ''Uh...fine.'' I lied not wanting to tell her about my mom. ''Why are you here?'' I asked. ''Im Bella's cousin and came to visit.'' She said. ''Wow. What a small world!'' I replied. We talked for a while then began to dance to the music. I'm not that big of a dancer but did my seem interested. I met up with Niall and told him about Justin being there. Niall got me a drink and I stayed at his side the whole time. I had a few more drinks and began to get a little tipsy. I never really drink so even though I had only had a couple drinks it effected me a lot. The music pumped through the air and my body pumped with it. I began dancing with Lux and Bella. Bella who was already drunk danced as the alcohal took over her actions. lux on the other hand didn't drink but was dancing comfterbly. The rest of the night was a blank but it was fun. Niall's P.O.V. I had bought Rose a couple of drinks and regretted it once I figured out she never really drank too much, though it was funny watching her dance with Bella and Lux. It started to dance with Rose as her alcohol, controlled body swayed to the music. She walked away and I saw her go up to some guy and dance with him. The guy tried to take her with him and that's when I stepped in. I darted up to him and cluched her arm. The guy looked at me with hatred. ''What do you think you're doing?'' The guy glared at me. ''Taking my girlfriend home. Come on Rose.'' I said sternly. ''But Niall! Mike-'' she started. ''Mark!'' The guy interrupted. ''Yeah. Uh...whatever his name is.'' She said waving her hand about. ''He has a suprise for me!'' She wined. He smirked and pulled her body to his. ''You like suprises huh?'' He asked. ''Rosie.'' I said as though I was talking to a baby knowing this is the only way she will listen. ''I have a suprise for you.'' I said in a happy tone. Her head turned to me in 'awe'. ''You do?'' She asked happily. ''Yeah.'' I said. She smiled ''where?'' She asked. ''At home!'' I answered. ''Oh really do you!?'' She asked and I nodded. ''Do you want to go see it?'' I asked. She nodded. ''Come on then.'' I said and grabbed her hand. As I lead her out of the bar she kept saying all this stuff. ''Is it big?'' ''Is it pretty?'' ''Youre the best boyfriend ever!'' Ect. As we past Zayn I stopped. ''Zayn. I'm taking Rose home.'' I said in his ear over the music. He nodded. Then Rose came up. ''Oh hi Zayn! Naill has a suprise for me! I'm so excited!'' She said with a big smile on her face. Her smile quickly left as she examined Zayns face she plopped her hand on his cheek. ''Zayn! You didn't shave did you? You shouldn't it lo-'' she tried to finish before I pulled her out the door and to my car. I buckled her in and shut the door. I crossed the front of my car and got in the divers seat. I sighed and through my head back. ''What's wrong Niall?'' Rose asked. I look over and see her confused innocent eyes looking at me. Even drunk she was adorable the way she cared for others. I smiled and so did she. I drove off. When we got to her apartment. I carried her sleeping body into her apartment fiddling with the spare key Bella gave me before I left the bar. I carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom. I layed her on the bed and her eyes fluttered open. ''Peeka-boo!'' She whispeared. I placed my finger on my lips signaling her to be quiet. ''Where's my suprise?'' She whispeared. Oh the suprise.... I didn't really have one and she will end up forgetting all of this tomarrow anyway. I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulled out a pen I had put in their earlier. ''Right here.'' I whispeared back. She gasped. ''Thank-you Niall! I love you.'' She said and held out the one direction pen. I laughed at her sillyness. ''Love you too.'' I whispeared back while giggling. ''Night.'' I said and turned to leave. ''Niall! Can you stay with me?'' She asked. ''Sure.'' I said and sat on the bed with her body cuddling up to mine. I will wait for her to fall asleep then leave. Or so I thought. Until my eyelids got heavier and my body got weaker. Soon I stared into darkness.
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