No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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10. The talk

I wake up to Niall shruging my shoulder. ''Were here.'' He said cheerfully. I nodded. It has been another day on the plane and i must've fallen asleep. Again. I was so excited to meet his family. I have fallen from myself slowly since my mom died. This was my chance to change that and be myself again. I stood up and grabbed our bags. We had gotten off the plane and entered the airport. I looked around to see if maybe i could pick out his family in the crowd. Nope, couldnt find them.''right over here.'' Niall said pointing into the direction of a group of people. Once they saw us the lady (who i asume was his mom) smiled big and ran up to us. ''Niall!'' She said and hugged him. I felt a little awkward just standing there. ''Hey mum.'' Niall said and hugged her back. ''And i take it you're Rose.'' She said to me. Her accent was so rich and she looked just like Niall. ''Yes.'' I replied. ''Well, im his mum. You can call me Maura. She said. I was prepeared to shake her hand but she hugged me. ''She is way prettier than Holly '' She mumbled. Niall was blushing. ''Mom.'' He said hinting her to stop. ''What? Im just saying!'' She said throwing her hands in the air as if to surrender. He gave himself a face palm. I giggled. ''Come on Rose. Let's introduce you to everyone.'' She said and pulled me along with her. I looked at Niall as in 'what should i do?' He mouthed back 'just go. You'll be fine.' With a smile. I nodded and followed behind her. We walked up and his mom introduced me to his dad. ''This is Bobby, Niall's father. This is my husband and his stepdad. And this is Greg. His brother. She said. ''Im Rose.'' I said and got plenty of 'hellos' handshakes, and hugs. It was still early in the day. Probably around 9:00am. We parted from some of Niall's family after they all socialized for a while. Niall's mom and stepfather took us under their care. We all headed to Niall's mum's house and that is where we would be staying. On our way there she explained to me that Niall's birth father and her were divorced. She said she had recently moved to Mulligar to be closer to family. I asked her what then brought niall to London and she said there was alot of his family there also. After long conversations the car stopped in front of a beautiful white house. There were flowers leaning against the house giving it such perfection you would only see it in movies. There was not one chip on the paint and a marble walk-way leading up to the front porch. I stepped out of the car and walked to the back following Niall and his stepdad. The trunk was popped open and the two were picking up as much as they could. Once i finally got to the back, it was empty. I quickly snatched the suitcase Niall was struggling to carry so i didnt seem spoiled and lazy in front of his parents. While we walked upto the porch all you could hear was the sounds of his mom's heels clicking on he marble path. The door was swung open and we all headed in. I watched Niall throw the keys on the kitchen table in the other room. I cringed as i heard them slap on the hard countertops. ''Home sweet home.'' His mother said. The front room was plain and simple with a few picture frames perfectly placed on the walls leading up to a beautiful staircase at the end of the hall. To the right was the livingroom. To the left was the kitchen which everyone seemed to be piling into so i slowly followed behind. ''Niall.'' His stepfather said. Niall's head swung out from looking in the fridge. ''Huh?'' He asked. ''Show Rose to her room and help her settle.'' His stepfather said. Niall snatched an apple and grabbed my bag and headed for the front room. ''This way.'' He said. I grabbed my suitcase and followed behind. He led me up the stairs and into a hallway. ''I think you'll like this room.'' He said and opened a door halfway through the hall. It was so pretty. It had red velvet curtains which matched the accesories around the room while the base color was black. I walked in the room ahead of Niall. ''Wow.'' I said in amazment. I walked to the end of the bed and sat on it feeling the plush materes sink down and forming to my shape. Niall walked in and shut the door behind him. ''So, What do you think?'' He asked concerned with my answer. ''It's beautiful.'' I said looking around at the expensive items. ''No.'' Niall said. ''My family. What do you think about them?'' He asked. ''Oh, they're wonderful. You're lucky to have them.'' I said with a smile. ''What about her?'' He asked. ''Her? Your mom? She's so funny. Apperantly, we're having a girls night out later so we can get to know eachother.'' I replied. ''Is she too much? I can get her to cancel if you think its wei-'' he started but i interrupted. ''Niall. It's fine.'' I answered as he sat next to me. ''She reminds me of my mom a little.'' I said. This caused him to smile. ''I'm just glad she hasn't scared you too much. I hope she doesnt have the talk with you at your little hangout later.'' He said and put his arm around my shoulder pulling me into a quick hug and got up. ''Im going to bring my stuff in my room. Do you want to come?'' He asked. I shook my head. ''Nah. I think I'll just stay in here and get settled.'' I said, stood up and opened up my suitcase. ''Okay. I'll come and get you when im done okay?'' He asked. ''Kay.'' I agreed and he walked out of the room. Right when he shut the door i plopped right back down the the bed. My palms started to sweat and my stomach started to turn. Then i started having a mental conversation with myself. What did Niall mean by 'the talk' and when was his mom going to have it with me? I hope It's nothing serious. If it is, I pray we wont have it today. Why did he have to say that? Now I'm so scared. What if she doesn't like me? Maybe im just over reacting. Yeah. That's what it is. Everything is going to be fine Rose. It's going to be fine. I hope anyways.
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