No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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9. Nightmares

I was in the car laughing with my mom talking about the crazy girl down the street who looked like a clown with her pink hair and red cheeks. She wore colorful clothes that made her look ridiculous. I sat in the back seat with Niall as he held onto my hand. I was so happy right now. I was having a great time with the people i loved. My mom slowed down at a red light and came to a stop. She turned the radio on as we waited for the light to turn green. Once the light changed we began driving when all of a sudden i hear a big crash come from the side of the car my mom and Niall are on. I flinch at the noise. I open my eyes up and see my mom's door completly swept off the car as she lies in the street with blood surrounding her body. I look for Niall as he lays with his head back in the seat and he is covered with scratches. I shake his shoulder franticaly but he will not wake up. I yell for help but noone comes. I scream even louder until my throat is sore. I try to open my door while weeping. I look over at the car that hit into my mom's and i see Justin staring at me. A wave of fear hits over me as he gets out of the car and with each step he takes towards me i cry harder. He opens my door and begins to shake my shoulder with an evil grin. ''Are you okay Rose?'' He asks. I try to fight him but he wont leave he just keeps repeating ''Are you okay Rose?''. I flutter my eyes open and see Niall's worried eyes staring at me as the moon was shining in his blue eyes. ''Are you okay Rose?'' He asked. I tried to speak but i was out of breath. I wiped under my eyes and found my hand drenched in tears. I noticed that i was still silently crying. I cried even harder realizing that Niall was okay. He hugged me. ''Shhh.'' He tried calming me. I was still crying though. ''Justin is going to hurt you Niall!'' I warned him not fully at my senses. ''No he wont. I wont let him come near you or me. Understand?'' He asked. I nodded. ''Im so happy you're okay.'' I said in relief. ''Of course im okay princess. It was only a dream.'' He whispeared in a soothing voice. He held me in his arms. I finally calmed down but i refused to let go of him. I didnt want to ever again. He finally pried me off of him. ''Want to talk about it?'' He asked. ''Never.'' I replied. ''Not even a little?'' He asked. ''Let's just say im so happy you're okay.'' I said and hugged him again about to burst into tears any second. ''Dont cry again.'' He said and patted my back. I wiped under my eyes and contained myself. ''Sorry. Its just that-'' i started but he interupted me. ''I understand. You don't have to explain.'' He said. I was relieved. I didnt want to tell him about my dream. It was to painful to think about. Niall always stays up until i fall asleep whenever i had a nightmare about my mom. It didnt change today. I nuzzled my head on Niall's shoulder and he held onto my hand tight. I closed my eyes and began to doze off. But everytime i would, i would see Justin's face in the car smirking. Which caused my eyes to shoot back open and my body to flinch. I think Niall noticed because everytime he would squeeze my hand and stroke my hair and reasure me he was there and not to be scared. I finally gave up on sleep and just stared out the plane's window. I watched as we passed by clouds. I began to think more about my dream and how terrible it was. How i watched my mom and Niall die. How Justin was the cause for it. I will never forgive him for it even if it was only a dream. It all seemed so real to me. The thought passed through my head about what if Justin really did kill my mom? Anger grew in me and my thoughts became evil. I was thirsty for blood. Not just any blood. Justin's blood. If he ever came near my family or friends again, i will kill him. This is not a threat, but a promise.
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