No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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2. Club?

*A week later*

''Coming?'' Bella yelled from downstairs.

She was my best friend from New York. I'm back by the way. When my mom died I moved back to New York into Bella's apartment. It's been two weeks since my mom died and instead of mourning, I decided to use it as a lesson. Live your life to fullest because you never know if if it will stop midway. It's how you live your life. I'm planning on leaving my half full rather than half empty. It's your perspective. I'm not saying I'm completely fine with her death. Right now, I don't think I will ever be the same again. But that may change eventually. It did when my dad died.

''Yeah.'' I hallard downstairs to Bella who I heard rustle with her keys. I grabbed my phone and stuck it into my jacket as I left my room. I saw Bella in a cheeta print shirt which was tucked into her pencil skirt. She wore high stilettos. Her hair was curled and her brown locks trickled down her shoulders.

''Uh...Bella? You sure were going out for dinner?'' I said comparing our outfits. I wore a frilly white shirt and skinny jeans with a leather jacket to hide my arms from the evening air.

''Im sure.'' She said assuringly.

''Should I change?'' I asked. She shook her head.

''There will be time to change...uh..later.'' she said with a suspisious smirk on her face. I laughed at her.

''Gee. You got me convinced.'' I joked. She smiled and walked out the door. We headed out to the porch and I saw a rather fancy looking car outside. It was Harry's. Great. What is he doing here? I followed Bella to the car. I opened the door and sat in. Along with Bella. I guess Harry was our ride.

''Uh...Rose?'' Harry asked. ''Youre wearing that to a cl-'' harry started but Bella interrupted him.

''DINNER. Just a dinner.'' Bella shouted.

''You didn't tell her?'' Harry mouthed to Bella which was fully visable from my view.

''Didnt tell me what?'' I asked. Bella moaned. ''Harry! Stop talking! You're measing it up!'' She said sternly to Harry.

Harry laughed and kept on driving ''well sorry ms. Grump!'' He said back in an innocent tone.

I laughed. ''Okay, if we're not going to dinner, where are we going?'' I asked. Harry pulled to the side of the road.

''Here. Irish club.'' Harry said reading the sign.

''No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not going. I'm staying here and I will NOT get out of this car.'' I said pridefully.

''But Niall's waiting for you.'' Harry said trying to pursuade me to come in. I shook my head. I saw Niall standing in the club doorway across the street.

''Be right back.'' Harry said and ran across the street and Bella followed him. I watched as they made their way to Niall. They conversed for a few minutes then I watched as Niall began walking towards me. He had a smile on his face. He wore black shades that made him more attractive. I was still sat on the back seat, door open, while my legs dangled off the side of the car.

''Hey babe.'' Niall said and pulled me into a hug. ''Can you come in?'' He asked nicely.

I shook my head. ''Nope.'' And popped the 'p'. He sighed.

''Please Rose?'' He asked again. I shook my head.

''Why?'' He whined.

''Because I want to go home.'' I simpy said. ''Bella told me we were going out for dinner. I'm not even dressed for this.'' I said addressing my outfit.

''She has a change of clothes for you'' Niall said in a pursuasive tone.

''What kind of clothes?'' I asked

''Oh. I only bought you a new NHG dress and some new shoes.'' He said acting as though it was no big deal. I smiled and hugged him.

''Thank-you!'' I scretched.

''You can only have them if you come in though.'' He said.

''I've never gone to a club before though.'' I whined.

''Dress and shoes!'' Niall reminded me in a girly voice. I sighed.

''Fine.'' I muttered. I went to get up when Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me across the street. I erupted in hysterics.


I've seen clubs in movies and stuff and it doesn't seem like a place for me to be. With all the drinking, the dancing, and the perverts walking around? I can handle myself pretty good though. Especially with my boyfriend around.

It couldnt be too bad right? .

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