No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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4. Best Boyfriend Ever

I woke up from a pounding on my head. I fluttered my eyes struggling to pry them open long enough to gain back my senses. I watch my door open as I return to the memories If last night not remembering how I got here. I see Niall come in with a smile and his hair totaly un-poportioned that If made butterflies flutter in my stomich. ''Good morning.'' He whispeared in a crokey voice which sent the butterflies flapping like crazy. I saw a plate in his hand with pancakes piled to the top as I watched the maple drip down each layer. In his other hand was a glass filled with orange juice which made my mouth water. Just then my head became throbbing with pain and I flew my fingers up to my temples rubbing them trying to stop the pain. ''Ughhh.'' I moaned. ''Okay. Maybe I not so good morning.'' Niall corrected himself and sat down on the edge If my bed. ''Here.'' He said and pulled out my hand placing two pills in If. ''It'll help numb the pain.'' He said. I popped them in my mouth and shoved them down with the orange juice. ''Thank-you.'' I said and forced a small smile. He saw right through it though and made a pouty face at me. ''Aweee. Poor Rosie isn't feeling good!'' He said. I laughed. ''You hungry?'' He asked. I nodded. ''I made them just for you.'' He said showing the plate to me. I smiled and took it. He kissed my forehead and I rested my arms around his neck. ''You're the best.'' I whispeared to him. ''I know.'' He smiled. He pecked my lips and pulled away while snatching a pancake. ''Hey!'' I whined. He just laughed and walked out. While I are I turned on the tv and started watching E! News. I was watching a segment on ''Kim Kardasion's Baby Bump''. After I saw a picture If me and Niall. ''So Ryan. What do you think about Niall Horan's new girlfriend as he anounced on Friday at his studio?'' An anouncer said. ''I think It's just adorable how perfection they are together. Just take a look at this.'' Ryan said as the screen turned to a video. ''Niall!'' One If the pops said. He looked at the camera. ''Still looking for your princess?'' The pop asked. Niall blushed and rubbed the back If his neck. '' actually. I've finally found her.'' He said with a giant smile. ''Who?'' The pop asked. ''Her name is uh....Rose.'' he said with his red face and bright smile. ''Rose Blackman?'' Someone yelled to him. He nodded. The screen switched back to the anouncers. ''Awee!'' The girl sighed. ''Did you see the way he lit up? That is so adorable! Rose you are one lucky girl.'' She winked. ''Alright. Tweet what you think about the new couple at #Niall&Rose. Your tweet may show up on here after the break!'' Ryan said and the show went to commercials. I unlocked my phone and checked twitter. I saw a whole bunch If tweets for #Niall&Rose. RealDirectioner- @NiallOfficial you have the prettiest girlfriend ever! I am so happy you have finally found your princess:) #Niall&Rose. I saw a reply and It was from Niall. Niall Horan- Yes I do. I am the luckiest man alive to be able to call her mine. You are all my princesses. Best fans ever. 1D4life-Just watched E! And am so excited for Roses and Niall. #Cutestcoupleeva #Niall&Roses SarahJess-Niall Horan is so adorable when he talked about his girlfriend. She is one lucky girl:) #Niall&Rose. I'm at the erge If tears If joy when I saw some other tweets. They said things like. ''Why her? What is so special about her? She's probably just using him for money.'' And ''why is her nose so big? I can't even see her behind that giant thing coming out If her'' and ''i think I will kill Roses If I ever see her with Niall. She doesnt deserve him. He's too perfect and she can't even learn to do her hair decently.'' ''Guys calm down this is all fake. Niall isn't going out with that old thing. She's just a prop. For publicity. Managment told him he needed to get into a relationship. Trust me, Niall would never like a ugly hag like her. I mean come on, have you seen her nose?'' The more I read, the more I started to cry at how all these people hate me. What did I do? I mean, their fine with Elenor and they were perfectly fine with Daniele. What makes me so different? I was silently crying and saw Niall come through the door with a smile. ''Rose i-uh...'' his smile faded. ''Whats wrong?'' He asked as he rushed to my side. I bit my lip and felt a tear roll down my cheek. He took my phone out of my hand and I watched his eyes as he scrolled through the page. His eyes widend. ''Rose. Why were you looking at these?'' He asked. I shrugged feeling guilty knowing that If wasn't good for me to keep reading them. He hugged me. ''They hate me Niall. They're right. I don't deserve you.'' I managed to say between my sobs. ''Dont listen to them.'' Niall said and pulled me up so that he was staring directly in my eyes. ''You are perfect to me. You are everything ive ever wanted. No. You're more then I have ever wanted. If anything, I don't deserve you. Do you understand?'' He said sternly and then pulled me into a hug. ''Dont ever talk like that again. I don't know where Id be Without you.'' He said and planted a kiss on the top If my head and rubbed my back calming me. I Really do have the best boyfriend ever. And to be honest, I still dont feel good enough for him.
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