No Rules

Rose is morning over the lost over her mother and moves in with Uncle Simon. The boys and her become closer than ever as she lives a rule free lifestyle. Will feelings change as Rose gets too caught up with the whole 'no rules' 'yolo' ordial? Find out in the Sequel to My Uncles Rules.

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1. A Sign

Authors Note: Hey guys! If you haven't yet read My Uncles Rules the first book to this, i suggest reading it or you will be really confused:)) here is the link:

I watched as everyone came to greet me. ''She was a wonderful woman. I am so lucky to have met her.'' A friend of hers said as I challenged to hold back the tears and nodded. I couldn't even look at her. I had when I walked in and it was like she was still here. She was peaceful in her sleep. I knelt down at her casket and prayed.

''Uh...God?'' I thought to myself. ''Normally I would talk to people who I knew were real, but this is a big deal. Noone else can help me except you. I guess...'' I said feeling insane as though I'm talking to myself. ''Uh..anyways. I need to know she's okay. I need to know she's in a safe place. I need some sign to tell me to move on.'' I said and copied the lady who knelt next to me as she touched the forehead, chest, and then both shoulders.

She gave me a slight smile. I didn't feel like smiling but I kindly returned it. I stood up and she followed me.

''Rose?'' She said. ''You're Jen's daughter?'' She smiled.

I nodded polietly. ''And you are?'' I asked

. ''Im a friend from your mothers church.'' She replied.

''Oh okay.'' I said. ''Your mother gave me this.''

She said as she held out a neclace with a cross on it surrounded by beads.

''I want you to have it.'' She said dashing a smile at me that I did not return this time. I was fixed on the neclace.

''Its a rosery.'' She said as I examined it. I remebered using these as a little kid at Sunday school. I never really used them though. I just sat there and counted the beads over and over again.

''Thanks-'' I said pausing because I had not gotten her name.

''marge.'' She buds in.

'' thanks Marge.'' I replied. She nodded and walked off. I didn't want to be there anymore. With all these people who reminded me of my mothers death so dearly. I walked outside and looked up at the sky. ''Why god?'' I thought to myself. ''Why havent you sent me something to reasure me she's okay?'' Just then I felt arms wrap around my waist. I pulled the arms close and leaned back into the chest of my boyfriend. I began to fiddle with the rosery in my hand.

''Whats that?'' niall asked.

''A rosery. Marge from my mom's church gave it to me.'' I replied.

''Its beautiful.'' niall said as he looked down at the rosery with me. I began to wonder why she gave it to me. Maybe she felt bad and all she could give me at the moment was a rosery. Maybe it was a close treasure to her that she wanted to pass along. Maybe it ment a lot to my mom and she thought maybe it ment a lot to me too. Then I let my mind begin to wonder.

Maybe this was what I was asking for. The sign that my mom is okay. A sign not to morn. A sign to move on with life as she always told me to do when she was gone.

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