10 Drarry songfic shuffle

as its Harry and Draco, and that implies they are gay and I've been told that there are some people out there that are offended by the thought of homosexuality which I think is pathetic. Grow up! LOVE IS LOVE YOU HOMOPHOBE!!!! also i kind of mention Chavs... so i apologise if you are one.


3. Payphone - Maroon 5

"H-harry? Can you hear me!?" Draco shouted down a muggle payphone

"Malfoy? What...where are you?"

"Im at a mug ur red thing you lot have on the streets"

"Why are you calling me"

"Because i'm scared and lost and i only know your number of by heart because you made me learn it. I know you dont want to remember everything that we had but i dont like being without you so please can you come and get me?"

"Umm okay...where exactly are you?"

"London maybe? All i can see is a big building"

"That narrows it down to ALL OF LONDON"

"No i mean its really big it says museum on it and there are loads of statues and lions"

"Oh i know where you are"


"I think, just stay there and i'll come and find you"

The phone clicked and went silent Draco was still alone about 20 minutes later, he was stood there in the red phone box waiting for Harry, he was about to call him again when the door opened and in stepped Harry. Draco pulled him into a hug "Thank you Harry"

"It's okay" Harry replied

"im sorry"

"It's okay you didnt mean to get lost"

"No i mean sorry for everything"

"Oh...well thanks"

"You can move back in...if you want?"

Harry pulled away from Draco and looked into his face...he smiled

"Yeah I'd like that"

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