10 Drarry songfic shuffle

as its Harry and Draco, and that implies they are gay and I've been told that there are some people out there that are offended by the thought of homosexuality which I think is pathetic. Grow up! LOVE IS LOVE YOU HOMOPHOBE!!!! also i kind of mention Chavs... so i apologise if you are one.


7. Let Her Go (changed to let him go) Passenger

"Cheer up mate everything will be fine" Blaise Zabini said. It was their 8th year as most people had come back to re-do their last year. It was also the start of the christmas holidays and most people were leaving hogwarts to go home. Draco who was sat with Blaise looked very upset. The previous day harry and Draco had broken up. Draco realised he love Harry once he was gone. "Blaise you dont understand i let him go he's never going to forgive me"

"You might want to re-think that" Blaise said smiling

"what do oy umean?"

Blaise jercked his head signalling Draco to turn around. Harry had just entered the prefects cabin, his eyes were big and red and blotchy like he'd just been crying.

"Harry what are you doing here?"

"I'm a prefect Malfoy"

A little parcel of Happiness exploded in Draco's stomach when he heard harry call him Malfoy. He was definatly lost forever. Harry slid into the booth next to Draco. Blaise nodded his head to harry ina sort of knowing way. Draco looked even more upset, he put his head in his arms and began to cry silently. Blaise looked at harry and harry nodded. Harry put his hand on Draco's shoulder, his head jercked up and looked at harry £what do you want?"

"To talk to you, for you to talk to me" Harry said quietly and simpatheticly

"Go on then"

"Why did you do it?"

"I had to. If i didnt you'd get killed. My aunt or my dad would have killed you"

"I dont care"

"i do"

"Draco i've been marked for death for 17 years, i dont care im used to it"

"Harry i didnt want to see you hurt, i love you too much to see you dead. i realise after i did it that i love you and you are the best thing that's ever happened to me. i'm sorry"

"It's okay Draco i forgive you"

"so what are we back together

"no but we can work this out and maybe we will be one day"

"Thank you. Harry"

"it's okay"

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