10 Drarry songfic shuffle

as its Harry and Draco, and that implies they are gay and I've been told that there are some people out there that are offended by the thought of homosexuality which I think is pathetic. Grow up! LOVE IS LOVE YOU HOMOPHOBE!!!! also i kind of mention Chavs... so i apologise if you are one.


5. hold you in my arms - Ray la Montage

In a dark deserted classroom lit only by a tiny ammount of light being let in from a boarded up window. A boy about 18 was sat in a corner. His eyes were red and casscades of tears streamed down his already teary cheeks. His throat let out a gruesome sobbing noise that made everybody whimper when they heard him. His legs were clasped against his chest. His long arms wove around them, hugging them further into his torso. His head, covered in a mane of dark brown hair was bent looking down through his legs. His forehead rested against his knees. He was shaking. A tall handsome blonde boy stood in the shadows staring at him in wonder, his eyes were transfixed, and everytime the boy let out a wail the boy would flinch at the sound. His brow began to contract and his began shedding tears too. He sniffed loudly. Harry's head shot up and looked into the darkness "w-w-wh-who's t-t-th-there?" Harry asked through his tears

"Me" A tiny voice replied crackled and teary. Harry gasped and bega shedding even more tears, his hand jumped up to his mouth but no noise came out. He was so overwhelmed with tears that his voice couldnt think of making a noise "y-you died" Harry mouthed the last words as though his conscience couldnt bare to say the word out loud. "you were Draco you had a funeral! you died" Draco came out of the shadows nd moved towards harry. He crouched down and brushed Harry's hair out of his eyes. "I know im sorry, but im not. I wasnt" Draco said calmly "How could you do this to me? why did you do this to me?"

"I had to...i had to get away"

"Away from what?"

"away from him, my dad"

"away from me"

"No Harry, i didnt want to leave you"

"Then why didnt you take me with you?"

"You know if you went missing too, theyd know they can find me, i couldnt risk loosing you"

"So instead you left me...here, i was so alone, i havent left this room. Hermione's the only person who will come and see me, her and Dobby" Harry began to cry again and Draco pulled him into his arms. They both began to rock back and forth

"I'll never leave you again, ill hold you in my arms" 

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