10 Drarry songfic shuffle

as its Harry and Draco, and that implies they are gay and I've been told that there are some people out there that are offended by the thought of homosexuality which I think is pathetic. Grow up! LOVE IS LOVE YOU HOMOPHOBE!!!! also i kind of mention Chavs... so i apologise if you are one.


2. Going in for the kill - La Roux

Harry and Draco were walking down a deserted lan hand in hand having an argument

"Harry you know we have to do this!"

"No WE friggin dont, you have to do this, i dont"

"Then what, i thought youd understand?"

"Understand what!? Killing people to get a thrill oh that gives me loads of opportunaties to be proud of my boyfriend!"

"Harry im not doing it because it gives me a thrill, im foing it because he wants me to!"

"Oh even better! im not standing next to you in court when you race trial for Azkaban Draco i refuse"

"Fine! Be like that but dont come running back to me when you miss me"

"I wont! It's over Malfoy"

"FINE but let go of my hand!"

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