Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


11. - true

Harry POV

One of the best nights of my life. I feel like I finally felt the real feeling of love.

" I had a great night " Starring into her beautiful eyes.

She did nothing but only to smile at the ground.

" I'm definitely looking forward into more times like this. " I added, catching myself smiling at the floor also.


The princess's face turns into a purple color, like there is something she wants to tell me.

" See, harry " still starring at the dark sand.

" obviously, you know my heritage. " She continues on.

I nod my head feeling a bit confused.

" We have to be careful about us, I really wouldn't want to upset father and mother. "

But why would her parents be upset? I didn't questioned anything but letting her body leans to my chest.

" I get it cheyanne, don't you worry " I lied to her and myself.

She face me as our nose touched.

Her stare caught my eyes, feeling the rush of happiness.


Princess cheyanne POV


Harry dropped me off in the back of the castle, I hope Sela didn't spread what she saw.

I slowly and quietly tipping my toe into the castle and into my bedroom hoping no guards would catch me.

Right when I'm about to take my first step up the hall way I heard a yell.

" your majesty. "

My body tightens up.

" you weren't suppose to be out by this time, princess. And I'm sure that you didn't have any schedule planned out. " the guard stand on his knee.


What should I say?  My mind is blocked, all in my head is his beautifulness.

" You're excused.  " Sela walks in the room.

Thank god.

My body loosens up as the guard locate off the room.


Sela POV


Princess hurriedly run up the stairs after the guard left. I slowly walked up after her footsteps.

We both reached the princess bedroom as the majesty lets me in.

Closing the door slowly.

" Princess, I " she paused me.

" I know. I know what you are going to say. Just please don't say it. " The princess lays on her master bed.

" You cannot afford to be into harry, you know the rule that's been passed along this royalty. " I position myself on a chair close to the bed.


The princess lift her body up and let out a loud groan.

" But he makes me so happy, Sela. Like I finally felt what love really feels like " She starts yelling the words to me.

I sigh.

" What about princess Alexander? " I just need to mention her soon to be husband.

" I don't know. " the princess tumble herself back on her bed.


I know princess never had any real feelings for prince alexander but after all she will have to marry him.

" Sela  " her voice got softer.

" please please "

" Don't tell anyone about Harry and I, let me enjoy the time I have left. " She says sincerely as she lifts her body up and starts looking at me, pleasingly.

I do have concerns but you know what, I'm her servant. I do what ever makes my princess happy plus her 19th birthday tomarrow.


Harry POV

" LOUIS UNLOCK THE DOOR. " I scream through the phone.

" alright alright " his sleepy voice is just plain funny.

The door flew open as Louis goes back to bed. Man, I wanted to tell him what an amazing night I had.

I lay on my head just thinking about her, I'm just so happy. I'm not happy just because a princess feels the same for me but just how she is, how she lets me make her my world. I don't feel like I'm dating a princess. I feel more like I'm dating someone who I want to spend every minute of my life with.

Tomarrow is her birthday, I hope she will like my present.




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