Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


8. - Too late

Louis POV

I Can't believe what I saw, it was right on my face. Princess and Harry, holding hands, smiling at eachother.

I see how this is going. Since I saw them, I decide to give them some space and waits for them at the table where we were working at. I waited for about 5 minutes and they both walk in with cute smiles planted on their face.

They look so happy. Harry looks so happy, I'm glad.

I stood up and said my greeting as of course, harry will take awhile.

I have been waiting for about 5 minutes now as I'm starting to hear harry's footstep toward the car.

" About time, Harold " I complain.

" I can't believe, I just got myself a date " He starts giggling.

" Congrats " I'm actually happy for him.

" I'm sure the other boys are in their apartment right now, wanna go for a visit to catch em' up maybe " I winks at Harry playfully.

" You're the driver, lou " Harry squeeze out a shy look, how adorable.

Niall POV

I'm actually quite sad that we miss princess's lesson today. But I'm sure lou and Harry will catch us up in no time.

" Styles and Lou is paying a visit boys. " I heard liam's voice. See I told you they will.

I sat on the sofa, scrolling to read some of the fan's tweets and did some following until I heard the door bell ringing.

" lads! " Zayn, and Liam screams as I hurried to the door.

We gave eachother hugs and moved the crowd to the couch, having on some tom and jerry.

Zayn seems to be doing something on his face, I'm sure its uploading  picture on instagram because it's his time of the day. Liam is just getting all the blankets ready for everybody, food and such. Louis is actually watching TV and harry looks all red and stuck into some kind of daydreaming.

" So, how was the princess lesson lad? " I ask lou and harry.

" great, it was interesting " Lou shoots a stare to harry as he starts turning more red.

Now all the boys turn to watch harry.

" Oh, harry. ohhhh! " Zayn starts yelling.

Wait, did i miss something.

" Harry, catch him up " Louis give harry a push.

" Oh yea, our clothes will be done by this saturday! " Harry starts sweating.

" The other thing! " Lou push him again.

" Oh yea, Princess invite us to her birthday bash in 2 days ! " Harry yells out.

The other lads starts staring at harry looking for whatever Louis is talking about, including me.

" STYLES! you know what I'm talking about " Louis starts moving his eyebrows.

" Alright, boys. " Harry gives in.

" I like princess " Harry looks around the room as I sat there stoned.

"  Harry, you notice that you're just a normal lad? " Liam pops out.

" of course, liam " Harry says effortlessly.

" Goodluck, harry " Zayn reply as he goes back to his phone.

" So, that's it? " I start laughing.

" Nope, Harry got a date with her also. " Louis reveal.

Liam, and I even zany turns around as our mouths flew open.

" chowww " zany broke the silent.

Harry seems to be blushing.

I guess I'm a bit jealous, but i was too late.



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