Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


7. - The start

Louis POV

" harry wake up, its time for princess thingy " I yell at him.

Harry took a nap from our rehearsal and it is now 5 pm. His eyes flutter open quickly and jumped off the bed to get ready without a word.

Guess who can't wait.

Harry POV

I was sleepy when I got out of bed but the thought of seeing her again refreshes me. I walk in the bathroom and spat some water on my face. Gel up my hair and give myself a smile check on the mirror. I'm ready.

I walk out the door seeing Louis playing on his phone.

" what took you so long " He glance at me and back to stare at his phone.

I deicide to not answer but to put on my watch.

" Niall, Liam and Zayn says they will be late there because their car blew out a two tires so its going to be, you, me and princess for awhile. " Louis says, his eyes glued to his device.

" alright " I say, securing my watch tighter.

I'm ready for the door as Louis is still glued.

" Louis, come on mate. We are going to be late " I reminded him.

" Give me 10, I need to past this level ! "

I groan and sat myself in a chair. I just want to see her like, right now.


Princess Cheyanne

I didn't realize its already 5, I was having so much fun at my horsing lesson. Now I know what I want for my birthday, which is 2 days from today. Mother and Father will be back tomarrow just in time.

I got ready, pulled on a floral dress that cut short on my knee. Leaving my hair naturally and a bit of mascara. I admit I'm really excited to see Harry again today. And i'll invite the boys to my birthday party also, its perfect.

I brush off tangles from my hair and head down the hall.


Louis POV

I park the car down as harry hurriedly took his first step out.

Then there is the princess, walking beautifully down the door steps. I admit she looks really pretty.

" Greetings, princess " Harry and I starts bowing as I see his obvious flirty smile popping out.

" You all, stop that. We are friends. " She smile at me then stops at harry for a long second.

We stood up out backs and starts walking in the castle.

" Where is the rest of the boys, don't you all come together? " Princess ask.

" They are having problems with their car's tires. " Harry replies quickly, before I could.

" Oh, such bad luck. Well, its because " The princess stops to turn around, facing us.

" I want to invite all of you boys to my birthday party, its 2 days from now " The princess smile as harry starts smiling too.

" I'd love to, i'll come " Harry sounds so happy almost like a little boy who just won a gold fish from the fair.

" same, and i'll tell the rest of the boys. " I says.

" Its such a pleasure " Harry smile cheesily at the princess.

" Well, come on. I need more infos for your clothing lines. maybe you can tell me something more about your other bandmates too " the princess walks us in, as me enter the grand castle.


harry POV

We talk about mostly everything. She says our clothes will be designed and done by this saturday and today is Wednesday. I got a little sad knowing it will end, but at least I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. Just waiting for the perfect time.

" woo, We are finished. lets go get some fresh air outside shall we " The princess yell out.

" Excuse me, princess. I think I need to use to lou "  Louis says quickly. This is a perfect chance.

" Well, then I guess we could wait for " the princess didn't finish the sentence.

" Great, you go Louis . We will be waiting outside " I smile at Louis, giving him a signal.

The princess just smile at me shyly.

We walk out where the swimming pool sits.

" I love the fresh air this place creates " I shut off the silent.

" Its because of all the flowers and trees we grow here, I love it too " She looks at me and smile.

Go, harry. Come on you don't have this chance so often.

" Princess " I turn to her.

" Harry " She calls my name.

" I just want to apologize for what I did last night, I know it was.. uhm " I got stuck, trying to find the right word.

The princess got a hold of both my hands. " I know what you're talking about. And really, its okay "

Her smile got my lost.

" In fact, we should uhm, " She got stuck too.

I just wait.

" Get some dinner sometimes? " it spilled out of my mouth, oh god. Now she will think that I'm a creep.

" I'd love to " the princess still holding my hand, smiling her lovely smile.



I was blown away by her answer, she's actually interested in me also. This is a dream.

" what about, tomarrow. After we are done with our lesson. " She suggested.

" That's perfect " I'm just too happy, I can feel my hand shaking.

There was a long moment when we just stare at eachother with our hands interwind as I feel the whole zoo in my stomach and sparkles in her eyes.


She is so beautiful, smiling like an angle. Rush of happiness escape and enter my body.

But not so long after Louis walks in with his eyes glued to his phone again. I was surprise the princess didn't let go.

It took a moment for Louis to recognize us, he looks up from his phone. All there is, is a surprised look on his face.

" Oh      my            god,            harry "  He made such long pauses between his words.

The princess and I looks at eachother and just laugh, our hands still crossing eachother.





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