Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


4. - the chance with you


Princess Cheyanne Pov

The girl states to me that the one direction boys will arrive later this after noon. I need get get myself to look decent before work. This is work to me. I'm really excited to get to know the boys and design their where we are stadium tour, thats a big accomplisment for them. 
Since i have nothing else to do, and i am already  pausing my paris clothes collection. I decide to go for a little volleyball session. I called Mary, my coach. We dealt with timing, she will meet me at the gym in the back on the castle in about 30 minutes. 

Sela Pov

It is now about 5 in the after noon as i'm getting energy drink for princess. She should be done with her session. And i heard the one direction will come to join for a designing session with the majesty also. I can't believe i will get to see my idols again, this time I'm going to make sure i get their signatures. 

" hey, princess here is your drink, majesty " i hand her the drink as i see her exiting the gym. 

" exactly what i need! Thank you sela " princess looks really pumped up and excited.

" are you excited that the one direction boys will join you for a design session later, princess ? " i shoot her a wink, once again. I realize that was a bad idea. 

Princess pause from drinking her energy drink. And stare at the ceiling for some reason. It looks like she is day dreaming about something. 

" uhm, your majesty? .. " i recall her attention back.

" what? Oh. Nooo no. Thats crazy nope nope " she reply back walking away quickly. I saw that her cheeks turns pink. I wonder which one of the one direction guys she is interested in. This could get interesting. 

Princess Cheyanne Pov

Once i got back from the gym. I jump into the shower, makes sure i smell nice and clean. I put loads of mascara on, so i'll look more awake because I'm not going to hide it i feel pretty tired from volleyball session. A little bit of brown shimmery eye shadow just to make my eyes pop. Blend on some BB cream to clear out my imperfections. And slid on a dip dyed tank and some simple black shorts to balance out the look. I take a long glance at the mirror. Lets do this work. 
I'll see harry again. I'll see him again. 

Harry Pov 

The mates and i just arrive infront of the castle. It is huge and white and tall. It is also surrounded by gardens of flowers. 
Then there she is walking outside the huge white castle door.
She looks amazingly beautiful. Not a touch of her is not fashionable. Her smile grow me a smile. I run my fingers though my hair to perfect it. 

" welcome " she looks at me first then the rest of the boys. 
There is something about the stare she gives me, something i'd love to find out. 

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