Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


5. - the beautiful

Liam Pov

The princess lead us into the castle as i admire how beautiful the inside is. Full of flowers, wonderful smells and beautifully furnished. I didnt notice that i am sitting down untill Niall Distract me from my bubble. 
" So we should start off by getting to know eachother, shall we " the princess says softly. 

I see harry is starting off first.
" I'm harry Styles. "
"  Niall, Niall Horan " 
" Nice to see you again oh and Louis Tomlinson "
" Hi, Zayn Mailk " 
There was pause, everyone looks at me.
" Oh, sorry Liam Payne. " 
" great, I'm princess Cheyanne Amarillo Estralo Firmiguary the second " 

" i think we all knows that " Harry says letting out his flirty laugh that is totally noticable.
The princess ignore harry with a smile.
" well, basically. We will get to know eachother, and sometimes later this month. You'll see my deigning results. " she smile at five of us then stops at harry. 
There is something behind that, i can feel it. 
The whole hour, what we were doing was talking about ourselves, about how one direction started, a little touch of personal life, what are our inspiration, and many more that would help her design. Its been a great talk with the princess. I couldnt help but to notice how flawless she is. But i wouldnt dare to higher up my standard with her. Thats not the greatest idea. 

Niall Pov

" thank you your majesty for helping us with out tour clothes. It is such an appreciation. I can never forget this " i thank her.
" Niall, you're so sweet and you know I'm glad to help. I'm still doing what i love anyways. " her voice sounds too angelic. 
I couldnt figure a reply because she left me speechless. 
I feel so blessed to have a chance to admire her beauty and work with her. I know there will be many great memories coming up with her, i just couldnt wait.

Louis Pov

After Niall has his turn, i will take adventage of mine.
" yes, princess. I'm really look forward to your amazing work and more time spending with you " i realize that sounded corky. 
" and the lads " i fixed it.
Even know eleanor is in my opinion the most beautiful thing that have been brought to in my life, the princess is really beautiful as i would say, she has a good heart, i could tell by the way she looks at us. With careness. 
I'm really glad to have a chance of a lifetime to be working with her. 

Zayn Pov 

I really a great time talking to the princess tonight. I caught those other lads drooling over her as i tried my hardest not to laugh on the middle of the discussion. 
She is a wonderful and inspiring princess. She would give up time just for us, i mean in my life. I never expect that coming. Plus she is a princess, she lowerd her standard for us. Even know it doesnt look like it. Most princesses would rather be spending time with other princesses or queens drinking pricey tea than speaking to us normal boyband. I'm so grateful. Of the rollercoaster that's life and where it is taking me. 

Harry Pov

All the other lads left into the van as i ask paul for a minute. I rush over into the castle. I couldnt find her anywhere. So i start looking around the gardens. Then i notice why would she be in such gardens at nighttime. 
I start looking deeper into the garden and see lights of many shades of colors blinking beautifully through the area. T

" harry, what are you doing here. I thought you left " the princess says, looking shocked standing next to the waterfountain. 

" I didnt get my chance to thank you " 
She smile at me, making my heart melts.
" You're very welcome, harry " she says, walking closer to me. 
" we both have alot in common. " i say as her eyes are staring into mine. 
" We sure do " she laughs pushing her eyes away from mine, shyly.
" well, i guess i should be going " i say, now why did i say that. 

" before i leave, may i say one thing " i just need to. 
I move closer to her and move my fingers up her soft cheeks. 
" You're the most beautiful girl, i have ever met " 
I can see her blushing as i start taking off my fingers. 
" you're really charming, harry. " she says as she stand on her tippy toe To touch my hair.

I take her left hand and push my self down that i am on my knee as i kiss her gently on her hand. It smells like red rose giving me a desire. At last, i look up to her. 

" goodnight, princess " 

:) A/n (: 
Hi guys! Thank you for reading! 
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