Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


10. - realizing love

Harry POV

I open the car door, letting the princess slide into the front seat.

" Thank you, sir " she reply.

Quickly, I ran back to my seat as I start off the engine.

" so, where is this place you want to go, princess? " I ask her softly, glancing at her pretty face.

" Well, I actually called and they made a reservation for us already, that place is close by beach Hudson. "

I got excited when she said " us ", I know its no big deal but I love the way it sounds.

Smiling at her, as she shoot it back to me.


Princess cheyanne POV

It wasn't a long drive to the steakhouse. I hope he likes the fresh breeze from the ocean, I sure do love it.

" Fancy " harry dimples appear, making me blush.

I laugh.

Harry offers me a hand, letting it interwind into his. I let out a smile, as Harry starts giggling.

" heey stop! " I punch him a little.

" I love it when you smile. " he stare into my eyes. The shine from the stars reflects his handsomeness to my eyes.

I blush and holding his hand into the restaurant. I made sure harry understand why we had to go on the back door, I really wouldn't like to on the press, not yet.

Harry's hand connected to mine, giving me rushful of happiness. I feel safe and protected, havn't felt this way since I was a little girl.

The waiter, who I actually trust, lead us to our table right on the beach, next to the water, candles are lit up. This wasn't what I wanted. But it looks quite romantic and sweet. Worries fill my lungs, what if harry thinks its too you know.. too far. What if he doesn't think of me that way?

" Logan, I didn't book the table here " I command the waiter.

" But, your majesty .. " Logan starts pointing his hand to the table.

There is Harry, looking right at us. Got my chair ready for me to sit with his glowing smile.

I was a bit surprise, but I'm happy knowing he feels the same, right?

" Alright, thank you, logan " I tip him a 100 dollar bill.


I am sitted, the only thing that is lighting the place up are the candles around the table and the red ones on the table.

This feels romantic, magically.

" This is amazing, majesty " I see his smile through the lighted candles, his face blends in perfection.

Our hands connects.

" Harry, call me cheyanne. I'm no where higher than you, at least not to me "

" Oh, no. I don't want to disrespect you, princess " He smiles at me.

" That's an order " I start laughing a little.

" Alright, princess " He sigh, losing.

I give him a look.

" Oh, sorry, Alright, cheyanne " He starts laughing harder.

" that's better "

We started talking about our interests which we have very much in common, ordered our food, and finished eating, under the moonlight below the lighted candles.

" Shall we have a walk around, to burn out our stomach " Harry winks at me. I took his hand as he leads me to the sea.

" Its so beautiful here. " Harry says, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

" I really like spending time with you, Harry " I feel a bit shy, not forcing myself to face the flawless green eyes.

We stop walking, stood still, letting the beach water touch our feet, facing eachother's hearts.

" I don't want to feel like I'm rushing or anything. " he pause.

" But, I'm really feeling something for you, Cheyanne. Since the first time we met at the arena. " His face got serious but more gentle.

I run my hand both my hands through his face, touching his soft tanned skin.

" Harry, I feel just the same. I've been going crazy ever since we met. " A tear from happiness roll down my eye, feeling the real truth of love.


Our bodies leans for each other, attached. I could feel his warm breathe behind my back as I hug him tighter.


Is this what love feels like. One that's meant to be.



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