Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


2. - My love

Princess Cheyanne Pov

I'm walking through the garden, alone in the middle of the night. I'm surprise nobody has caught me. I look up to the moon as the stars scatter around its perimeter. The smell of the flowes still shines even without its sun. Slowly walking through the garden untill i reach the foutain on the middle of the garden. Touch the cold water as if it was pure gold. 
" Princess " i heard a soft melodic voice as i turn around.
I was amazed, guy wearing a plain white top and loose black jeans, green eyes, curly hair swipe up standing infront of me. 
" what what are you " he paused me with his lips. 
It was like heaven. His lips blends into mine in a perfect shade, i can feel passion coming on its way. I hear beautiful melody on the background as the lights in the garden boost up in different shades of colors. We both let go of the kiss as our hands interwind. 
His smile shines brighter as it reveals its secret. I never wanting to let go.

" princess, your breakfast is ready! " i heard a yell from the door as i slowly slip out of bed. Wondering how was it possible to dream about someone who you barely met. I give myself a heavy pat on the head. 
" Princess " Sela recall.
" Yes i'll be there. " i yelled at her back getting annoyed. 

I step into my slipper as i walk in the bathroom. Sat myself down on the closed toilet seat. That dream felt so real. Flashbacks from the dream came to me as i still hear the melody, and .. The feel of his kiss. It was amazing. Part of me is getting creeped out and part of me wishing it was realilty. 

I pop my bubble and start getting myself ready. I already have Alexander, i dont have time for crushes like this. 

Sela Pov

It feels a bit awkward just standing next to prince Alexander, not to mention how charming he is, he also have a big heart. That explains why he really loves princess Cheyanne. The prince and princess are not official. As in the rule of thorne, the two must not be official untill the king and queens vow to give up their crowds. I can tell that the two have something for eachother but one side has much more than the other. 
The pricess is arriving down the stairs. 

Prince Alexander POV

I've missed her so much. I can feel my heart throbbing as Princess arrive. To see her beautiful face is what warms my heart. I take her hands and sit her on the chair next to mine. 
" how have you been, princess " looking through her beautiful blue eyes that reflects lights making me go crazy of how beautiful it looks. 
" great, how about you, Alexander " she asks concentrating on nothing else but her breakfast. 
" been great i really missed you " i grab her left palm. 
She looks to me as she glance at her palm. 
" thanks " she smile. That smile makes me overwhelm. She grew a big smile on my face, she can, always. 
I let go out her palm as she push it out. 
" eat " she points smilingly at the food infront of me. 

Breaks my heart a little knowing that she doesnt feel the same. No matter what, i will still love her. 

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