Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


9. - hidden

Annabeth POV


" aw, I'm so disappointed that today will be our last lesson together " I say to the boys.

All of them just starts nodded, including harry.

" BUT " I cleared it out.

" My birthday bash, you all are invited. " I am so excited.

" I'm coming for sure " Niall reply in his cute irish accent.

" Princes, I'm afraid Zayn, I and Liam won't be able to make it because we are having a triple date tomarrow " Louis says sincerely.

" It's no big deal " I told them.

I glance at harry, looking for an answer. But nothing. Uhm?  but he told me yesterday that he will come so I'm not worried. I'm just creepingly staring at harry while harry is staring at the complete designed clothes book.

I see the rims of my eyes that the other boys are watching me also.

Harry finally notice my stare,

 "Oh, um. yes, princess "

" I'll come " He says with a smile that made me smile.

" Alright, well I'm afraid its time to go boys. Its really nice working with you all. You are all amazing. I hope you are happy with the results. " I stood up giving them a friendly declaration.

Niall rose up to me,

" I love the results, princess. You are amazingly talented. " He shoot me a sweet smile.

" Yes, we loved it " Liam says.

" Thank you so much majesty " Zayn replies.

And Harry is still sitting there staring at the complete book, not giving me any compliments. I let out a noticeable sigh. oops.


All the boys gave me hugs as they left to the van, except harry. Of course. Our date is tonight. My head starts spinning thinking about it.


" Soooo " Harry says a bit awkwardly, sitting on the chair he sat on earlier.

" Give me 10 " I whisper to his ears.

I see his dimple appear as I leave upstairs with a smile on my face.


Harry POV


I'm sitting here, alone, in a huge palace as the girl walks in.

" OMG HARRY STYLES " She yells out, dropping her laundry basket on the floor.

" Hi " I greet her, turning her way.

" I thought you would already leave " she says slowly and shyly.

" Nope " what a stupid comeback that was.

" oh "  She reply back as silent moments fill in the gap.

" I have a date with the princess " I sounded cheerful enough.

Her mouth flew open quickly, mouth the word oh my god.

" whats wrong " I ask her.

She starts shaking her head left to right.

" Its against.. - "

" I'M READY  " The princess distracted her.

" Oh, hi there sela. " she smile sweetly at the girl.

" Oh, I see " I hear sela's whisper.

" What's that? " Princess recall as she walks her way down stairs in a pink crop top and white raiseup shorts, her hair up in a bun, she looks beautiful.

" Nothing, princess. " She walks up the other stairs slowly. What was she going to say?



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