Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


6. - Feelings

harry POV

I got off the van as it arrive me at my apartment. Well, its not actually just mine but Louis and I are sharing an apartment together.

" Hurry, lou " i startled him from talking to paul because he has the key.

We both finally got in our bedrooms, mine is on the right of Louis's bedroom. I slowly pull my shirt off my chest, stretching myself at the same time. That's when i notice Louis walking in and lay on my bed.

" what took you so long? "

I know exactly what he is talking about.

" just had to say goodbye to the princess. " I reply to him, I feel so tired and restless.

" And I kissed her hand. " I added. I didn't realize i started smiling.

" oh my god, Harold " Louis's eyes lights up.

" She is a LOYAL princess " Louis yelled out the word loyal.

I ignore him, annoyingly walking myself to the shower.

then Louis caught my shoulder.

" mate, its not that I'm trying to annoy you, but that's dangerous " he repeat the same crap to me again.

I shoot him a stare, and roll my eyes.

" Dangerous to have those feelings for the princess. "

Somehow that got me thinking, that's true. I'm just an ordinary and she is so much higher than me. Its like I'm trying to be the first man to land on Mars.

" thanks, lou " i reply to him as I enter the shower.

The hot water feels good going down my back as I give my body a turn all over. bubbles are created everywhere. I rub my hair trying to clean it out as I start thinking about earlier. It was just a kiss on the hand, nothing special. Right?.

Alright, if what I did was a wrong doing then, how come the princess looked like she enjoyed it?

It's crazy to think that the princess actually feels the same like how I think about her. I don't understand why it is so wrong or ' dangerous ' to have feelings for a princess, she is a human too, she knows how to love too.

But i understand, princesses don't have a those feels for normal ordinary like me and i shouldn't have those feelings for her either. I tilt my head down letting the water run down my hair. 

I can't help it, princess. It's already too late.

Princess cheyanne POV

Even though, i know it wasn't right to be kissed on the hand by Harry but nobody else was around, perfect time to let my heart be alive.

You see, worse part of being a princess is that feelings doesn't matter, at all. Princesses are thought to be married with another loyal. Like mother told me before, being a princess comes with much responsibility and not much freedom, especially in love. Even mother was forced to marry Father.

Remembering back in that moment. Harry being on his knee, he looks so angelic, his soft lips touched my hand. That lovely look he shooted me, that makes my heart melt. 

Is this what love feels like? it feels so good but hurts so bad knowing there will never be an us.

I don't know what am I suppose to do next.

Harry is something special to me, he is the only guy could make my heart beats this way. I control my hand and touch my left chest, hearing my heart beating.

what have you gotten yourself into, Cheyanne.






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