Come and Get It

One direction is having a break from concerts and are staying in London. Emily and her friends graduated and moved to London. Emily meets Harry and he falls head over heels for her but she wants him to prove he loves her. How far will he go to get her to like him? Read to find out.


5. riley

Riley's P.O.V

Hi. My name is Riley. I have dark eyes and black hair just like my twin sister Jennifer. My best friends and I are going to London. Jennifer said at London I have to get a date. Anyways, me and jen are twins and we are identical but it can get really annoying. When your teacher thinks you're your twin. Fortunately, our friends and teachers can now tell us apart because we behave different ways. And not just as jen told you. Sure, me and her have a group of friends going to London but, she is still way more popular then me. I definitely want too change that and i have a perfect plan.....

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