Come and Get It

One direction is having a break from concerts and are staying in London. Emily and her friends graduated and moved to London. Emily meets Harry and he falls head over heels for her but she wants him to prove he loves her. How far will he go to get her to like him? Read to find out.


2. Olivia

P.O.V. Olivia

Hi! my name is Olivia and i have blond hair with blue eyes. I don't have any siblings but my BFF's are like sisters to me. I think you already know their names so i wont repeat it. anyways me and my best friends are going to London for the summer because well... i think we should go because we are all single and London has cute british guys so why not? The rest of the girls wanted to go because after we all graduate we want to spend time with each other and London has a) The London Eye b) Big Ben and c) (most important) CUTE BRITISH GUYS. so back to me. My hobbies are exersizing, cooking and shopping. well bye!   

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