Scattered Roses

Just an innocent 15 years old teenager, Ellie was just enjoying life along with her best friend George, but her love life will soon be shaken up. Will poor young Ellie manage to find someone to support her through this?


5. The Fight For Her Heart

"Liam, keep away." I said, almost threatening him. Liam glared at me, his arms folded across his arms as we stood in the same room Ellie and I were in earlier, and Ellie left for me to talk to Liam.

"Keep away from what? Or who?" Liam asked, his eyes squinted in frustration.

"Keep away from that gorgeous girl out there, Ellie," I answered, frowning.

"Why should I keep away from the person I love?" Liam replied, sighing sadly, looking down at the ground. He was trying to use a sob story, and I almost bought it.

"Because she doesn't love you back!" I snapped, glaring at Liam, my eyes showing anger and frustration.

"Who does she love then?" He adds, looking up from the ground, tears glistening in his eyes.

Stammering, I struggled to know the answer, then I answered confidentally; "She loves Niall," I smirk, lying so Liam would leave Ellie alone.

"Fucking cunt!" Liam swore, running out of the room and I heard a scream. Niall screamed loudly and I heard a thump. Liam hit Niall. Damn.

"No, Liam!" I heard Ellie scream, and I slowly crept out of the room, and into the main room where everybody were.

"Liam, you idiot!" Louis yelled, pulling Liam off a now crying Niall. Liam sneered at Niall, then he said something.

"Steal her heart, eh?" Liam spat at Niall, and Niall curled up on the floor, clutching his tummy which I guessed Liam has punched him in the gut. Kneeling down next to Niall, I rubbed his back comfortingly.

"Why would he do that?" Ellie asked, tears filling her eyes.

"I-I thought you l-loved him," Liam stammered, looking at her with wide eyes.

"I don't love anybody," she replied, her voice cold.

"What about me?" he asked, gulping back tears.

"Not at all. You're a cunt," Ellie muttered sarcastically. Liam then turned his head to glare at me, frowning and his face scrunched up in anger.

"Why did you lie?" Liam questioned me, and it was my turn to stammer.

"I-I didn't," I mumbled, looking down to try and hide my shame.

"Don't lie!" he yelled as Ellie left the room, Harry holding her close as she struggled not to cry.

"Just.... shut up," I sighed, feeling so ashamed I didn't want to talk anymore.

"George! What the fuck did you do?!" Liam screamed, grabbing my shirt and pushing me up against the wall.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted back, one hand trying to push his hands off, and I "accidentally" knee'd him in his privates, then he let go of me, groaning and clutching his privates. "You deserved it," I said smugly, then walked out of the room, letting Niall stand up and run towarsds me.

"What was that?" Niall asked curiously, patting my back.

"Just something Liam kept begging for," I said, still smug.

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