Scattered Roses

Just an innocent 15 years old teenager, Ellie was just enjoying life along with her best friend George, but her love life will soon be shaken up. Will poor young Ellie manage to find someone to support her through this?


2. Seating Places

"Is it possible for you to come with us to our studio, to draw up a contract then if you're happy, we can include you in our photo-shoot!" Paul grinned, looking at Ellie while she hugged Liam in joy. Looking at Ellie, I smiled to myself, but then when I looked up at Liam, there were something in his eyes. Jealousy. Lust. He was different to the Liam Payne Ellie and I used to watch in concerts.

"You serious?" Ellie asked, her eyes widening as she pulled away from the embrace, but Liam still had his arms firmly around her. Suspicious, I smiled falsely, pretending to be happy for Ellie. Liam was so different around her. Controlling maybe. He was holding her like he never wanted to let go. Yet they only just met. Paul nodded in response to Ellie's question, and Ellie whooped, laughing.

"Come on then! You too George!" Paul said to me, walking towards the minibus with blacked out windows.

"Can I sit next to you?" Ellie asked Liam, smiling hopefully.

Liam nodded, "Of course," he smiled, sliding open the minibus door, and a chrous of cheers sounded.

"Oooh! Can you sit next to me?" Harry asked, patting the spare seat next to him.

"No! She's mine!" Louis yelled, holding his arms out for Ellie.

"Aww at least I can have George," Zayn joked, laughing. Zayn seemed nice enough as he moved up to make space for me and I plodded down on the seat, waiting for Ellie and Liam.

"Harry." Liam said sternly, "She's going to be sitting next to me," and Ellie blushed lightly at the sound of Harry whining. "Louis, she's mine," Liam added, frowning. Looking over at Niall, he was sitting in the corner, his eyes wide. He hasn't spoken much. "Niall!" Liam nudged Niall, frowning yet again.

"Sorry, sorry," Niall snapped out of his daydreaming, blushing.

"It's okay," Ellie said softly, sitting down squashed in between Liam and Louis.

"Yay, in your face Styles! I got her!" Louis cheered, his arms wrapped around her already. Liam glared at him, frowning. He made a 'hmph' sound before whispering to Niall.

"I'm Zayn," Zayn introduced himself, and the boys all took turns introducing themselves, and I didn't dare interrupt them because I know how One Direction can throw a tantrums. Looking at Liam suspiciously, his eyes were dark with jealousy. He was jealous of Louis hugging Ellie. I can understand, Ellie's so cuddly, but why is Liam jealous?

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