Scattered Roses

Just an innocent 15 years old teenager, Ellie was just enjoying life along with her best friend George, but her love life will soon be shaken up. Will poor young Ellie manage to find someone to support her through this?


3. Realising the Facts

"We're here!" Liam cheered, his arm slung around Ellie's shoulder, and Louis's arms wrapped around Ellie's waist. Harry kept glaring at Louis, pretending to be jealous. Niall just stared at Ellie and Liam the whole journey, probably jealous as well. Zayn and I just chatted the whole way, while Ellie kept blushing.

"Come on, get out!" Paul's loud, deep voice boomed as he slid open the minivan door for us to get out. Zayn got out first, giving me a welcoming smile, and Louis let go of Ellie, slipping out along with Harry and Niall forced himself to get out. Noticing Ellie was trying to get out, Liam was gripping her waist tightly, making her stay behind, and this angry feeling bubbled up inside of me, then I just lashed out. I hated seeing boys playing with Ellie's heart.

"Liam!" I yelled, gently punching his shoulder, but he got mad.

"What?!" he screamed back, pulling Ellie onto his lap.

"Let her go!" I shouted, my hands grabbing Ellie's own hand to try and help her. That only made Liam grip her even tighter.

"No!" he snapped, his chin resting on her shoulder, being controlling.

"Liam, please.." Ellie begged, her voice sounding weak and vunerable. Liam glared at her, before loosening her grip so she could get out of the minivan. He stood up as well, careful not to bang his head on the roof of the minivan, and he muttered some swear words, aimed at me obviously, then he jumped out of the minivan, his hand reaching out to grasp Ellie's hand, intewining his fingers together with hers. And that was the moment when I realised something. I'd never thought I would be jealous, but it just happened. I think I'm in love with her. Just never noticed it before.

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