Scattered Roses

Just an innocent 15 years old teenager, Ellie was just enjoying life along with her best friend George, but her love life will soon be shaken up. Will poor young Ellie manage to find someone to support her through this?


1. Losing Jamie

"Ellieeeee," I whined, poking her now red, flustered cheek as she sat on one side of the couch, her arms folded across her chest as she closed her eyes firmly, shaking her head. 

"Look George, I don't fancy Adien!" Ellie, my 15 years old best friend, protested, defending her own complicated love life. 

"You've got to move on from Jamie sometimes," I sigh, my cheeky smile fading from my face, and I scooted over closer to her then wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. 

"I can't," she whispered quietly into my ear, sighing as her arms wrapped around my torso. 

"He's gone..." I mumbled back, kissing her forehead, trying to soothe her. Her head rested on my chest and I could tell she was trying to hold back tears. 

"He's still here," she murmured, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her skin soon turned a pale white colour, which only happens when she's really upset. 

"No, he isn't. He's dead," I said sternly, biting on my lower lip to stop myself from crying. Jamie was Ellie's boyfriend, a boyfriend who treated Ellie like a princess, spoilt her, gave her a thousand of compliments everyday. As for me, well, Jamie was one of my closest friends, but not as close as Ellie and I were, but Jamie and I were very close. 

"He can't be dead," she started to sob, her tears slowly soaking my red and blue checkered shirt. 

"He is... I'm sorry... He died a year ago..." I muttered quietly, a lump in my throat threatening to spill tears down my cheeks. 

"No, it was just a nightmare," Ellie cried, and I desperate tried to wipe away her tears with my thumb, but the tears that was shed were just replaced with even more tears. 

"It was real. Please stop crying El, please," I beg, holding her closer and tighter. 

"I miss him so much," she mumbled, her body relaxing into my arms, and I smile weakly. 

"I know it hurts," I soothed, trying to be the best friend I am. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I struggled to stop the rewinding of the accident that killed Jamie in my mind. 

"What happened exactly?" Ellie asked, looking up at me curiously. 

"I... Uhh....h-he died in a c-car ac-accident," I stammered, smiling again, only more weakly and tearfully. 

"Yes, I know that, but...." she trailed off, looking at the bare wall that used to be full of photographs of herself with Jamie and I, but she took them down because she would cry every time she looked at it. 

"But what?" I questioned, confused. My hand gently caressed her cheek as I carefully move her face so she was looking at me. 

"I meant what EXACTLY happened?" she frowned, stopping crying. 

"He...well, he was in this car with your brother, Lionel, but... Lionel somehow crashed into MY car and well... Both Lionel and Jamie died because their injuries were too serious. As for me, I was pretty lucky," I explained, breathing deeply as I struggled to hold back my own tears. She sighed, then she wiped away my tears before hugging me tightly. 

"Okay, at least you're here," Ellie whispered, and I ran a hand through her hair, knowing it'll calm her down. A hearty chuckle escaped my lips, hearing her say these words. 

"At least I'm here," I repeated what she just said, hugging her back, tightly. A loud knock came at the door and Ellie jumped, before standing up and walking tiredly to the front door. Following her, she opened the door to see Paul Higgins, the man who looked after the worldwide boyband One Direction. 

"Hi, are you Jamie Blake?" he asked, looking at me. Shaking my head, I could see Ellie had went back to the living room, sobbing. 

"Jamie Blake died last year," I mumbled, frowning in confusion. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was that Ellie?" he asked again, crossing his arms. Nodding, I smiled weakly. "Well, the boys was on YouTube and they stumbled across a video of Jamie and Ellie singing a cover of What Makes You Beautiful." he added, smiling. 

"Yeah, but I don't understand why you're here?" I question, leaning on the door frame as Liam Payne, a member of One Direction, came up to Paul and grinned at me. 

"Well, our backing band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, have been forced to withdraw from our 2014 stadium tour, Where We Are, and the boys were wondering if Ellie would be our backing musical artist?" Paul sighed, and Liam looked at me, nodding. 

"Can I talk to Ellie?" Liam asked, hearing Ellie's very loud sobs. Standing up straight, I let Liam inside and he went to Ellie. There were hushed whispers from Liam as Ellie's sobbing soon calmed down. 

"He's a professional," Paul joked, laughing. Forced to laugh at his lame joke, Liam came out, his arm tightly around Ellie's shoulder as he spoke into her ear. Ellie's face soon looked happier as she nodded eagerly. He must have asked her to join the tour then. 

"Only if George can come," she added, looking at me, smiling a truly happy grin. Nodding, I smiled softly. 

"Of course," Liam laughed, then looked at me. I swear I could see jealousy in his eyes. I swear. 



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