Scattered Roses

Just an innocent 15 years old teenager, Ellie was just enjoying life along with her best friend George, but her love life will soon be shaken up. Will poor young Ellie manage to find someone to support her through this?


4. Keep Him Away

"Now, Liam, hold her close," the photographer ordered, and Liam happily wrapped his arms around Ellie's waist, pulling her close so her back touched his chest. Jealousy filled my heart, as well as despair. Ellie smiled cheekily at the camera, while Liam just grinned, and flashes filled the room.

"Okay, that was a great picture. Liam, swap with Niall, and Louis, kneel on the ground. Harry, go and stand next to Ellie. Zayn, go next to Harry," the photographer demanded, and Ellie stood in the same spot she was earlier, and I could see Niall was blushing as his arms wrapped around her waist, his chin resting on her shoulder comfortably, and Liam was mentally cursing.

"Where do I go?!" Liam exclaimed, clearly irked at the fact Niall was pretty close to Ellie. The photographer looked up from his camera, and frowned.

"Behind Niall," he muttered, looking back at his camera, adjusting it to the perfect angle. Liam muttered something, before pressing his back against Niall's back, smiling falsely at the camera. Zayn pulled a smouldering look, smirking and Louis looked up at Ellie, smiling. Ellie looked down at Louis, grinning in response. Harry just stared in the distance, trying to look sexy and he pulls it off. I think. Niall smiled shyly at the camera, his cheeks red. Flashes filled the room once again, and after a couple of poses, the photo-shoot were over, and Ellie ran to me, hugging me tightly.

"Can I have a word in private?" she asked quietly, and I nodded, hugging her back.

"Yeah, come on," I smiled softly, leading her into a quiet, empty room. "What is it?" I question, raising an eyebrow as she shut the door.

"Can you keep Liam away from me? He's too clingy," Ellie asked, her eyes filled with hope, her voice trembling.

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