Thinking of you

Aurora jensen writes songs everyday but is so shy one day she goes on holiday and is chosen to sing infront of everyone and in that audience one direction hear her angelic voice and original song and start to follow her so she gets scared goes back that night she meets very unexpected guests....


1. The song

I picked up the pen and started to write.....

                                                    Thinking of you a song by Aurora

Lately I have been dreaming about you,

And I don't know what to do

I am not sure If you like me,

But here I go,

you see

When I see shooting stars pass by,

Way up high in the sky

I will be thinking of you,


if your thinking about me too

I wake up in the morning can't wait to see your face,

My heart starts beating and I have lost all my grace

when I see you I can't think straight,

I am not able to concentrate

Coz I love you so,

and I just wanna know 

do you like me too,

I know that I will be thinking of you

I just wanna be yours tonight,

Do you think thats alright?

and don't you say nothing until you know....for sure,

how you feel so

Please just make up your mind,

the answer you must find

coz I am thinking of you

Please think about me too

once you have decided

may you be reminded

that i am thinking of you

try to think about the too. I put the pen down, folded the paper and put it in my suitcase I was ready to go i jumped into the car squashed between my best friend Samantha and my older brother Matt 

Authors note

Please comment on what you think of the song thanks xxxx





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