Thinking of you

Aurora jensen writes songs everyday but is so shy one day she goes on holiday and is chosen to sing infront of everyone and in that audience one direction hear her angelic voice and original song and start to follow her so she gets scared goes back that night she meets very unexpected guests....


4. Stage fright and stalkers

As I started to sing I was trembling It was so hot I thought I was going to wet myself or split my trousers of something even more embarrassing when I finished my song people looked really surprised I got a huge applause and compliments shouted at me 

"Wow you are amazing but what song is that I haven't heard it before"

"Ohh its my own song I wrote it and thanks" I stepped off stage me and Samantha (or Sam for short) headed to the pool when the five guys followed us just a coincidence i thought . It was freezing but i jumped in the outdoor unheated pool

"AGGHHH FUDGERYDOO THATS FREEZING" I swore and cursed Sam laughed  and jumped in cursing more than I did slightly creeped out by the guys we went to our caravan and they followed us My mum left a note saying her Matt and cassidy went to my grandads for the night 


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