Thinking of you

Aurora jensen writes songs everyday but is so shy one day she goes on holiday and is chosen to sing infront of everyone and in that audience one direction hear her angelic voice and original song and start to follow her so she gets scared goes back that night she meets very unexpected guests....


6. Morning!

This was like a dream,Being kidnapped by my idols and I could not believe that I of all people was going to be related to Liam Payne "are you ok?" Liam asked snapping me back to life 

"NO! I just got kidnapped by One Direction my favorite Boy-Band and I found out one of them is my soon to be step-brother" I replied 

"Fair point you look tired why don't you go to bed" Harry pointed to a room

"Yeah thanks" I walked into the bedroom and half-shouted "I am going to ask lots of questions tomorrow" they all laughed

I woke up, tip-toed into the kitchen and got a small glass of apple juice i drank it and put it on the side but it tipped off and smashed on my foot I screamed but I realized how much noise i made but it was too late The boys rushed into the kitchen

"Are you ok" Zayn asked I couldn't talk so i pointed to my foot when i looked down at my foot there was a lot of blood

"OH MY WORD LOUIS GET THE FIRST AID KIT" Liam ordered he bandaged up my footbut it continued to bleed as there was still glass in it Niall got the the glass out and Harry bandaged my foot back up

"Thank you and sorry to get you up so early" I apologized

"Its fine who wants breakfast" Louis asked

"me!" we all answered at once

all the boys exept Liam went to the shop

"So have you been told about me" Liam asked I shook my head

"No my mum bought me here to meet you i am guessing she knows about this" he nodded

"so you didn't know about me and the boys sharing your house"

"Nope i do now" I laughed  soon the boys arrived 

"WE HAVE PANCAKES!" someone shouted I rushed to the kitchen i put strawberries bananas and chocolate spread on mine whilst everyone else piled theirs high with sugar, golden syrup, chocolate, ice cream and other sweet toppings when we finished I went for a shower but someone knocked on the door "are you nearly done" Harry asked 'Oh god' I thought I reached for my jogging bottoms and a top I opened the door and waited out side when harry came out he laughed "Nice shirt I have one exactly like that I can't find it though" I had his shirt on i hit him hard on the arm

"It looks good on you" he said as he walked off I got out of the shower and got dressed into red jeans a white and black stripey T-shirt and black suspenders 

"Are you sure your not related to louis" Zayn Laughed I looked at Louis who was wearing the exact same clothes 

"Wow you have great taste high five" Louis joked we sat down on the sofa 

"So... How is school" Niall asked

"Ugghh I have one day of school left and Prom i am going with Joe some guy who has a habit of breaking every girls heart ...great" I said sarcastically

"oh should we go to the park" Harry said changing the subject we all agreed and walked up the long path singing countless songs mostly one direction who would have guessed it

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