Thinking of you

Aurora jensen writes songs everyday but is so shy one day she goes on holiday and is chosen to sing infront of everyone and in that audience one direction hear her angelic voice and original song and start to follow her so she gets scared goes back that night she meets very unexpected guests....


3. chosen

Me and Samantha sat at the front right next to the stage on the table next to us were a gang of guys being totally oblivious of everyone else.I knew that the whole reason we came on holiday was to meet my mums soon to be husbands son I sure hope he wasn't one of them.soon the lights went off and the disco lights came on "Hello" said a very cheery lady about 25 with long blonde hair strangled  into a high poneytail and grey eyes up on the stage with a microphone up to her mouth "Today I will choose another random person to sing on stage for us so lets go" I bowed my head don't choose me not me I thought but with my luck she came over to me and pulled me up on stage "Hey what is your name?"


"great name how old are you and where are you from?"

"I am 16 and from essex in england"

"well off you go"

I took a deep breath and sang my song thinking of you

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