Thinking of you

Aurora jensen writes songs everyday but is so shy one day she goes on holiday and is chosen to sing infront of everyone and in that audience one direction hear her angelic voice and original song and start to follow her so she gets scared goes back that night she meets very unexpected guests....


2. Arrival

I sat next to Samantha in the car listening to one direction and talking about the latest 1D news some say we are obsessed we aren't we are just enthusiastic I believe. When we arrived at the caravan park desperate for the loo (toilet) so i ran into the park toilets when i got out `I followed my mum who was carrying my baby sister cassidy whilst Matt my brother flirted with Samantha I pretended to gag I knew she had a thing for my brother so I shut up.Me and Samantha got ready for the entertainment night I got into my floral swimming costume jean-shorts and unbuttoned red blue and white checked shirt with my light brown hair down and curled (we were going swimming after the entertainment) Samantha had her blue bikini on under a purple summer dress and her black silky hair in a messy bun.

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