Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


12. Twitch

Skulduggery hadn't moved at all since he started to sit with Valkyrie. He knew that when she woke up she would be dazed and confused but he had to stay, He couldn't actually bring himself to leave her. He had tried, got down the corridor and got too worried and came running back to her. Skulduggery's hand constantly trembled and people worried about him. He hadn't done anything for days. Nye had come in occasionally and told him that she would be waking soon because the sleep medication doses were becoming less and less, So now she was in a light sleep. Skulduggery was eager for her to wake yet nervous at what she would be like. He still had to break the news of her father's passing and with the extent of her injuries it would be days before she was allowed to move. And the fact that she still had to have her blood monitored slowed the process down even more, But he was grateful for it. He still had no idea what had happened and it made him angry to think someone or something did this too her. He knew that since a skilled vampire had bitten her that it would be a vampire with a grudge, And there is only one vampire who would have such a motive to do so. Dusk. Skulduggery had a very strong hunch that it was him but wanted to hear Valkyrie say it before he ended Dusk for good. Skulduggery gingerly let his had linger over her hand before carefully placing his boney hand on her frail one. He relaxed a bit but as he felt her hand twitch, His head snapped towards her and he tilted his head in confusion. Was this it? Was she waking? Questions soared through his skull and his metaphorical heart raced as her hand moved a littke bit more...

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