Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


7. Medical ward.

*General Point of view*


He swooped her up and didnt bother to look behind at the elders as he heard movment behind, But every sound seemed distant and slightly muted as his crime fighting partner, His best friend was lying half dead and totally unconcious in his bony arms. Her breathing became irregular and had no rythmn and she was very pale. Her ebony blood was seeping into his suit, He didnt care, All that mattered was getting her back to health and to stop the normal witty but arrogant Valkyrie Cain he knew and loved was slowly slipping into the realms of being a vampire. She would never be the same, She would mentally and physically change into a thing of pure hate, Which he knew he may have to fight at some point. If she did make it through this she would be damaged mentally, And would need some help. He couldnt even begin to comprehend the sheer magnitude and the lengths Dusk had gone to, Just to get back at her and everything she had done over the years. Skulduggery felt so guilty and blamed himself as he knew if he hadnt got her involved all those years ago when she had been attacked and threatened his hat. Even then, He knew, She had been destined for this fate but Skulduggery was to blind in such matters to see that she was a young teenage girl who didnt had no choice as she was hunted and had been saved by a metaphorically breathing skeleton who knew from that percise moment she had a habit of raising cain. She couldnt help it of course, She was after all the relative of Gordon Edgley! He kicked the door from the meeting room of the hindges and ran. Fast. He sprinted down the halls and Ghastly screamed "MOVE! SANCTUARY OFFICIALS! MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!" as he ran behind. Some stared, Some sighed and some nearly fell at the speed in which Skulduggery was travelling at. If these halls had a speed limit, Ghastly thought, Skulduggery would most definatly be breaking it. Skulduggery kept on running until he reached the medical ward, And yet another helpless door felt the wrath of the custom made shoes of Skulduggery Pleasant. "What Are you doing?!" Screeched Nye as Skulduggery lay Valkyrie down on the white bed, That as soon as she made contact with the bed turned red. Skulduggerys hand flew into his coat and he turned suddenly and pointed his gun straight at its head, The gun never wavering from the point in between his scabs where his eyes should be as his rage got the better of him. He snarled angrily as Ghastly shouted something, But Skulduggery wasnt focusing on him, He was close to putting a bullet in this waste for a life. Skulduggery could jusitfy Nyes death, Nye totured many war friends and even aided Valkyrie when she had no choice but to turn to the impossibly thin abomination that stood tall infront of him. Nye had always been a coward, And now was no expection to that. Ghastly touched Skulduggerys shoulder and lightly pulled at his shoulder. Sound returned to him as Ravel grabbed the gun and gave it to a cleaver who was overlooking this whole conflict. "Nye get to work, Skulduggery lets wait outside and let the doctor do his job." Ghastly said and dragged Skulduggery out, Skulduggery hesitantly shuffled and then threw a glance at his young elemental combat accessory as he went through the open door to the waiting area he knew only to well...

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