Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


2. Here comes the Monster!

*Skulduggery point of view.* What is she not telling me? It pains me to see her lying to me. Its obvious she doesn't believe I am here for her. She must tell me soon. Its effecting her work for gods sake! Consentrate on deiving Skulduggery! Deary me your going to get yourself killed agaim. But if Valkyrie doesn't tell me than surely thats worse then dying again. Come on concentrate on the road ahead. Wait?! Whats that?! Valkyrie!?! Oh dear no... *general point of view.* Valkyrie walked down to the pier so she could meet Skulduggery. They were told they had an important meeting which must be attended to with the highest urgency. To be fair valkyrie had bigger problems. Should i tell him, she thought. She shook her head and continued to walk to the pier. Suddenly, A sharp shooting pain clouded her mind. Valkyrie staggered slightly and the voice in her head spoke. "Hello, Valkyrie , It is I Darquesse. As you may know i want out. Now. So give up this Facade of hope and give in to the real you. You know you want to. So do it! No one will be ashamed! Now!" Valkyrie shook her head and grimaced as the pain got louder. She gripped her head and suddenly she lost hearing and saw spots in her eyes. She didnt have time to react to the Car hurtling towards her as she fell out onto the road. She didn't remember the hands gripping her and pulling her away. She didn't remeber the car ride there. She does remeber slowly slipping into unconciousness and the last thing she was able to make out was the faint screaming of her name. Silence fell.

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