Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


9. Helping Out

General Point Of View

Skulduggery made his way through the long corridors in the sanctuary until he finally reached the exit. No one bothered to even ask him how he was reacting because of Valkyrie, as they knew just how close the two were. Skulduggery already regretted leaving her back in the sanctuary as he stepped down the gloomy stairs and walked across the cracked pavement to the Bentley, Which was parked on a curb near the entrance. As he got closer to the car he walked over to the drivers side and got in, Stealing a glance at the now empty seat next to him. Skulduggery had briefly skimmed over the file, And vaguely knew that around the Haggard pier Tanith had been seen and in public buildings reports of the floor boards developing mysterious cracks over night. Skulduggery knew that these sightings both led to Tanith and Sanguine, But what they wanted was a complete mystery to him. Skulduggery couldn't drag himself out of his thoughts, And every time he tried it led him back to the root of his whole emotional problems. Valkyrie. Skulduggery had no idea about what caused her to fall onto the road and what Dusk wanted with her but whatever it was he was determined to find out because no one harmed Valkyrie and got away with it whilst he was around. Skulduggery didn't even notice that he had already arrived at the pier, And had been there for around ten minutes. He checked his gun, Parked the car, and left the car quickly. He started to swipe his gun from side to side and when he was confident that there was nothing of any danger on the beach, He carefully holstered his gun and activated his facade giving him a fresh face with short brown hair and deep blue eyes. He double checked that the Bentley was locked and made his way towards the Edgley household to do a perimeter check for any signs of abnormal behavior or markings that could mean anything to the pending investigation. As he made his way ever closer to the home he knew that this task would be so much easier with Valkyrie, As she could get into the home as the loving daughter she was. Whereas if he tried to get in, He would just look awkward and stupid for trying to get into the house. He remembered that the reflection would be home today and he slowly dug out his phone and rang her number without an answer. He knew that this was unusual as Valkyrie had strictly said that if Skulduggery ever called to answer immediately without exception. When Skulduggery reached the house he knocked on the door once, Twice, Three times without any answer or even a sign of human movement and instantly brung out his gun and held it defensively by his side. Skulduggery listened carefully for any sign of movement and when he heard none he kicked the door open and started to hold his gun out in front of him protectively. Luckily, He had remembered to grab his gun back off the cleavers before he left as he would be powerless should danger arise and magic is made useless towards the enemy. Skulduggery made his way to the living room and he tilted his head at the sight of a smashed picture of Valkyrie and her parents at the beach when she was little, And slice marks on the couch. Skulduggery instantly knew that these weren't what the house normally looked like but didn't dwell on it much as he made his way to the kitchen. Skulduggery was greeted by the sight of cracks in the floor which could only mean one thing. He wasn't alone. Skulduggery snuck around the kitchen and silently crept up the once clean stairs, Which were now cluttered with smashed glass and various other objects clearly used as a weapon against the intruder, Another clear indication of struggle. He immediately saw that Valkyries bedroom had the only open door on this floor, Which made her room his first port of call in searching this house. As he got closer to the door he heard a faint breathing coming from within the room and he knew that whoever was in there needed his help quickly. He got to the door and pushed it open lightly and he instantly saw Mr and Mrs Edgley tied up in the corner of the room with there hands badly cut and blood everywhere. Then, As the situation dawned on him he noticed the paleness of there skin and saw that they had clearly been stabbed multiple times and were holding on for dear life. He knew better than to run in head first when you have no idea what your doing but this was completely different, He simply couldn't allow them to die, Especially since they were Valkyries parents. He rushed into the room and crouched down beside the Edgley's, there eyes widened at the fact someone was here for them in there time of need. Mrs Edgley started to whimper loudly at the sight of her husband losing consciousness and she couldn't even help him get out, Skulduggery knew that he had to reassure the couple that they were going to be ok and they would live through this. "Shhhhh. Everything is going to be ok i promise. Do you know where whoever did this is?" He soothingly whispered whilst keeping direct eye contact with her so he could notice her eyes darting to Skulduggery's right after he finished speaking. He nodded a silent thanks and slowly turned, Gun raised at the place her eyes had currently froze at. When he fully turned he stood up and saw Tanith and Sanguine smirk before completely submerging Tanith's sword into Valkyries reflections body, Earning a muffled scream from Mrs Edgley as Tanith removed the sword, Hugged Sanguine and sank away smirking at the fact Skulduggery roared in anger and tried to grab them but they were simply too quick for him. Skulduggery quickly ran to Stephanie's side when she turned, Smiled weakly and whispered "Help them... Please... Its what... She would want..." into Skulduggery's side before he turned and darted to their sides. Once he reached them he cursed at how little time he had at actually managing to save them all. He tore the gag Mrs Edgley had on, And started to work on her handcuffs. Once he managed to get them off she ran to the reflections side muttering soothing words whilst applying pressure to her wounds. Skulduggery finally managed to get Mr Edgley unbound and off the ground, Walking out of the room. Skulduggery cursed again as he felt Mr Edgley slowly slip away in Skulduggery's tight grip. "Come on Mr Edgley, Do it for your wife and daughter. You can do this." Skulduggery said but Mr Edgley simply shook his head and his eyes closed one last time leaving Mrs Edgley screaming his name. Skulduggery lay the man down, Tilted his head in respect and moved to Mrs Edgley's side. She was clearly to distraught by the last five minutes to concentrate on Valkyries dying reflection, So Skulduggery allowed her to run to her husbands side whilst Skulduggery picked up the reflection and started to carry her down the stairs and now into the dark night where he opened the door of the Bentley and carefully lay the reflection down in Valkyries seat, Allowing him to run around to the drivers side and speed off down the main streets of Haggard towards the Sanctuary once again...

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