Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


15. Head Problems


Chapter 15


One weeks later...


"Well Miss cain... I believe you are able to go." Dr Nye said, His voice making the irritation in Valkyries brain grow. Dr Nye did not wait for a answer, And left as soon as he said it. Valkyrie sighed and slowly stood up, She had missed being outside but didn't want to have to leave the secure building she was currently in. Leaving would mean re-entering reality, Something she was not yet ready to do. She had been stuck in the sterile room that she had to call her room, Only leaving the comfort of the bed whenever she had to do her daily stretches to make sure her back was ok or when she needed to go to the bathroom. Skulduggery never really left her side, Yet he managed to make sure the topic of her family stayed away for the time being. 


Valkyrie was told she had to tell someone if she felt anything that was different, painful or just generally uncomfortable. She was partially honest in her reports. She didn't hide any pain to do with the injuries she had sustained. Skulduggery was always asking what she was feeling, meaning she didn't actually have any chance to even attempt to lie. Yet Valkyrie managed to keep her blinding headaches a secret. They had been bugging her before this whole problem even started, And Valkyrie knew exactly why. She didn't want to admit the reason to herself, Never mind Skulduggery. She could be a pretty good liar when she wanted to be, And right now she proved it. She had even managed to lie to herself about the whole scenario, And made herself think that it was just the medication they had put her on. But deep down she really knew the true reason...


Darquesse was growing inside of her. 


Valkyrie was suprised at how calm she was actually being at the minute. Normally thinking about ending the world would send her into cold sweats and make her light headed, Yet right now the whole idea didn't seem to bad...


Valkyrie strained her face, Anger and pain clearly very visable on her pale face. She was completly focussed on shutting of that part of her, That she didn't even hear muffled talking outside her door. Her head became even more clouded, Every groggy thought she had was slowly being proccessed. A sharp intense ringing filled her ears, momentarily deafing her. Her strong legs felt incrediably heavy under the pressure she was currently feeling, Making her fall back onto the bed with a loud thud. Obviously Valkyrie was completly oblivious to how much noise this crash made, Which did attract the attention of whoever was outside. The room was not as sound proof as she thought, Allowing a shocked Skulduggery to barge into the big white room.


"Valkyrie?" Skulduggery asked hesitantly, Moving closer to her slowly. She was still wearing her blue hospital gown, Which had ridden up to her knees when being unexpectiably pulled up by the metal hospital bed bars which had been installed for any older patients who wouldn't manage to get up without some help. Valkyrie was not moving, She was simply staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression. Her face was slightly twisted up in pain, but that was all her facial expressions gave away. Even with skulduggery's keen eye when it came to Valkyrie was rendered uselesses at this point in time. It was as if she wanted to show pain but was being stopped. Skulduggery had never seen her so montionless, And it was scaring him.


Skulduggery moved closer to her, Touching her cold sweaty arm with hesitation. She felt as if she had been dead for a week. But that was impossible, He hadn't left her side apart from the times when she needed to go to the bathroom or when she was asleep. That meant that this was a new problem. Skulduggery twisted her onto her side, Allowing her to breath easier if she had passed out. Which was a possibility considering she has just been slowly taken off the medication that had been freely flowling through her thin body for the past week would be a strange change for her brain. It took her body a good 24 hours before it allowed the medication to start it's work helping her wounds. Magic medicine wasn't like mortal medicine, it had certain properties that did involve some time for the body to proccess what was happening. The side effects differ from person to person, and for her it had been hard for her to fall asleep. Skulduggery had not been allowed in her room that day, despite both of their protests. Dr Nye had to make sure she was stable and responding to any treatment, Meaning Skulduggery sat on a cold plastic chair for a full day. The next day had been a long tired day for both of them, Valkyrie slippping in and out sleep and Skulduggery resisting the temptation to meditate.


Skulduggery sat next to her lying form and grabbed her limp wrist to feel her very quick pulse underneath her cold skin. Skulduggery had no choice but to sit and wait next to her, Leaving his thoughts to swirl with posibilities...

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