Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


10. Finding Out The News

*General Point Of View*

Skulduggery stopped for no one as he sped down the streets of Roarhaven with a half dead reflection, As they tried to get to the sanctuary before the reflection died again. Skulduggery couldn't have put the reflection back in her mirror whilst her parents were there so he had to get her fixed up as if she was a real person which would mean nothing extra for him as the real version of this copy would get his full attention, After all this copy may have every memory of his and Valkyries every conversation and case but this copy didn't really live through any of it. The reflection may have Valkyries face and memory's but to Skulduggery she would never be the same as the real Valkyrie Cain, Just a cheap copy. The streetlights blurred past Skulduggery's skull and glinted across the side of his skull as the Bentley whizzed through Roarhaven until he finally reached the Sanctuary. He quickly jumped out of the Bentley so he could then run to the passenger side where the half dead reflection lay, Slumped into the passenger seat and he had to gently bend down to pick her up carefully and swiftly locked the Bentley and started to walk through the Sanctuary at a high speed as he felt the reflection starting to slip away in his strong arms. As he got closer to the medical ward he heard muffled whispers and when he finally reached the medical ward he was pulled back by Ghastly's big hands gripping Skulduggery's long arm. "Skulduggery.." He whispered sadly as Skulduggery tried to break free of Ghastly's arm. "What do you want Ghastly?" Skulduggery sighed as Ghastly simply didn't let go of his arm. "Its Valkyrie..." Ghastly sadly whispered as Skulduggery froze after he said that one word he really didn't want to hear at this point in time. "What did Nye do?" Skulduggery angrily breathed as his grip loosened on the reflection as he was starting to forget his priorities at the mention of his Best friend and partner. "Nye has found very deep gashes along her back and stomach and the bite on her neck is from a vampire as it is very deep and she has poisonous traces in her blood. Nye isn't sure where the gashes have came from but he is certain that the vampire was a very skilled vampire as there is a very high concentration of the poison in her blood stream, Too much of it to be a ordinary vampire. Nye expects her to make a full recovery soon but it will take time as her blood has to be regulated and monitored. Nye believes that she wont become a vampire, But will still have some traces of it in her blood but it will be dormant unless bitten again. Skulduggery, You have to keep her safe and look after her because she needs you just as much as she needs you, She is in a bad state at the moment." Ghastly said as his grip on Skulduggery loosened enough so he could move out of his death grip and tighten his grip on the reflection. Skulduggery sighed a breath of relief and decided that he wanted to put the reflection down onto a clean medical bed. He moved into a room and lay her carefully onto the bed whilst Ghastly issued orders to some unknown doctor and pointed to the reflection, Then the doctor nodded and swiftly moved across to the reflection allowing skulduggery to move back to Ghastly who was now talking to Nye in hushed tones. They both looked at Skulduggery and nodded whilst Skulduggery made his way over to the pair. "Where is Valkyrie?" Skulduggery growled as Nye looked at Skulduggery and decided on what it should say to the now angry skeleton standing in front of him and when Ghastly nodded it knew exactly what he should say to Skulduggery. "Detective Pleasant, I currently have placed Ms Cain in a recovery room and have her under strict observance after her surgery, But i will allow you to stay with her if you were to follow me." Nye said already turning away and taking long, Deliberate strides further into the Medical ward with Skulduggery hot on his heels. Skulduggery was very anxious to see her again but was also very worried as he knew he would have to tell her about her parents, But he knew that a recovery room wouldn't be the place nor the time to announce it to her, As he knew she was already upset and hearing that one of her parents were killed by someone she once regarded as her sister would literally tear her into two. He couldn't do that to her. As Skulduggery got closer and closer he saw the cleavers stationed outside two immaculate doors and realized that Nye had stopped and was pointing towards the door. Skulduggery nodded but allowed it to go first. As Nye walked in he gestured for Skulduggery to follow, So he took a deep breath and started walking through the double doors leaving any worries he once had behind him and prepared himself for the worse...

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