Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


3. Dreaming while Unconsious.

*Valkyries dream whilst unconscious.*

Valkyrie sat up in a grubby street which she had never seen before. She looked around. She saw people who wore suits and old looking clothes walking around the street. Valkyrie stood up, Dusted herself down and started to make her way down the street. She turned the corner and unwillingly bumped into a tall man. "Are you lost?" He asked with a voice that sounded all to familiar. "No,no i'm not. Thank you." Replied Valkyrie. "No problem, May I ask what your name is?" He asked. "Valkyrie, Valkyrie Cain. And yours?" Valkyrie replied coolly although he looked vaguely similar but she couldn't quite work it out. "Skulduggery Pleasant is my name." The man replied with a gleam to his eye. Valkyrie gasped and her hand shot to her mouth. "No, no, no this can't be possible! How is this possible?" She staggered back slightly and tried to get away but this fake Skulduggery latched onto her hand and spun her around to face him. "What do you mean? I've never seen you before."he said slightly puzzled. "I'm from the future. I must have gone back in time. Because you have skin and your breathing. Oh god i feel dizzy. Agggh! Why does this keep happening!" She cried as the numbing pain was back. She clutched her head and only faintly managed to hear his whisper. "When you shunted last month you thought it was all over. I saw you through Lord Vile's eyes. You must have been tagged or had a pain regulator stuck to you somewhere." He said as Valkyrie stumbled and he let go. She fell through nothingness. The world was empty and free. And then. Nothing.

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