Everything I Wanted but Nothing I'll Ever Need

Harry Styles & his boyfriend Louis move to London from Cheshire in hopes of meeting new people who were like them. Vampires. They meet Zayn, Niall, & Liam who are vampires as well. Everything was perfect. Or was it? All five boys run into a few hardships & make decisions that will change their undead lives.

*If you don't ship Larry or any others as boyfriends & have a problem, please don't read. I don't want to see any comments saying they're not gay or anything like that. xx*


4. Ready or Not

Liam's POV


I wake up having to pee really bad. I don't even know my way around the house but I run to what I assume is the toilet. I feel relieved when I finish, letting out a sigh. I walk to the living room to see the other boys are still asleep. I turn on the tele & switch to channel 864, the metal channel. I turn up the volume & wait for the boys to wake up screaming at how I woke them. Niall twists & turns on the sofa. "Ah bloody hell! Liam, turn this shit off. My ears are pounding." "Same. Why do you think this is necessary?" Harry says with a groan. Louis & Zayn both wake up complaining. Zayn runs & turns off the music. "If I ever again in my life wake up to metal music, I'm killing myself. & I'm already dead!" I'm just laughing while their all glaring at me. "You guys make me laugh. Now, I want food." Harry's the first one up with my comment. "Me too. Kinda want to go for a hunt." We all stare at each other, agreeing that a hunt would be nice. We dress & head out to the woods to hunt. "You boys will love hunting here. You'll always leave full!" Zayn says to Harry & Louis as we're all running. "Ah shit. Guys I gotta piss." Niall says as he's already got his zipper undone. "Jesus, Ni, hurry up & go." I say as he stopped to pee. "Remember if you shake it more than twice you're playing with it, Niall!" Louis shouts as he & Harry run hand in hand. We all catch animals that fulfill our thirst & split ways. Harry & Louis go home to 'paint the basement' & Zayn, Niall, & I all go out to the pub.

Harry's POV


It's been a week since we've moved to London & everything was perfect. "Hey Zayn, what do you think Liam would want for his birthday? It's the closest." Zayn looks at me smirking. "Well, Harry, I'm 99.9% sure he'd love a dildo. Or a buttplug. Maybe both aha." I grin to myself as Niall runs up. "Harry, you're dirty. I know what you were thinking."  "God damn it, Niall! What have I told you about reading people's thoughts? This is the second time!" Zayn shouts in a playful tone while smacking Niall on the back of the head. "Bloody hell! Okay, I'm sorry. Tell Harry to keep his thoughts on his own boyfriend." Niall says winking at me. "Niall, you actually reminded me that we haven't all shared our talents. Louis! Liam! Bring your balls!" I yell. They race over, Louis with an annoyed look on his face. "What do you want? I was on the Internet." "We need to share each others talents. I'll go." I looked around before speaking again. "So, who wants to go get me a glass of water??" Everyone looks away. "C'mon someone please? I'm lazy & getting it myself is a lot of work." Niall, Liam, & Zayn laugh, Louis just rolls his eyes. "You're basically a teenaged girl! Lazy, always tired, & everything is a lot of work to do yourself!" He yelled at me walking off to get the water. "You're mean! Suck my dick." He turns around smirking. "I will!" 


Louis returned & I showed Niall, Liam, & Zayn my talent. I'm able to control the temperature of water, fire, basically anything. I can also make what ever it is move. Niall knows all too well when water made contact with his face. Louis showed him his ability to remove things from where they're kept. He lifted the pavement & tore a shrub from its roots. Zayn moves things with his mind, Liam can control weather & we're all flipping shit because this is awesome. "Guys, we've got to go around using our talents for no reason!" We all look at Zayn crazily. He is okay? "Um yeah let's not." Liam says holding hands with Niall. We walk to the playground & sit on swings. I love swings, I could literally swing on one for hours. Conjuring up a different world in my head as I stare into the distance. I don't really pay attention to anything around me when I'm on a swing. I'm in my own little world, it's great. So when the other boys try to get my attention I don't listen. "Haz! Come on it's late. Niall, Liam, & Zayn already left. They said goodbye but you were completely out of it." I'm still in a slight trance but I've still got an ear focusing on Louis. "Oh, yeah they did? Sorry, I love swings." He smiled at me while reaching his hand out. "I know, love." I take it & we walk back home to eat what ever food & go to sleep. 


Okie, so I didn't upload yesterday because I was lazy. Whoops. Sorry it's short. I stole some of Harry's talent from Rickie from H20, don't tell anyone :p if there's any mistakes, you'll be all right as long as you know what I mean :D xx

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