Everything I Wanted but Nothing I'll Ever Need

Harry Styles & his boyfriend Louis move to London from Cheshire in hopes of meeting new people who were like them. Vampires. They meet Zayn, Niall, & Liam who are vampires as well. Everything was perfect. Or was it? All five boys run into a few hardships & make decisions that will change their undead lives.

*If you don't ship Larry or any others as boyfriends & have a problem, please don't read. I don't want to see any comments saying they're not gay or anything like that. xx*


1. Leaving Cheshire

Harry's POV

"Louis, come on. Get off the sofa & help me with the boxes. I want to get this done." I stare at him as he just sits there. "What's the rush? We're vampires it takes like 2 seconds." He laughs looking at me because I'm not amused. "Nice exaggeration. I'm not rushing I'd just like to be done." "Okay, okay, I'm getting up." He stands & runs upstairs for more boxes then runs back downstairs & out the door. "Stop running & have some common sense." I say walking outside. "You're the one who wants to get this done, babe." Louis says walking to me & kissing my cheek. I roll my eyes & put the box I was carrying in the van. A few minutes later we're done & I'm locking the front door. "Goodbye old home." I say looking at the house we once called ours. 


"Where am I going? I don't know where Jeremy lives." "Take a left once in the next neighbourhood." I respond. Minutes later we're pulling into Jeremy's driveway, getting out of the van, & knocking on his door. A few seconds pass & the door opens. "Ah, hello Harry, Louis, bringing me the key so soon?" He says stepping aside & letting us in. "Yea, we're leaving for London soon." "I see, I've got a friend there. He sells houses. I could give him a ring if you'd like?" I look at Louis whose eyes light up. "Yeah, that'd be great." "All right, I'll be back." Jeremy says pulling out his phone & dialling his friends number. Louis walks into the kitchen & I follow. "Tea, babe?" "Oh yes." He makes us tea, handing me mine & setting Jeremy's on the counter. Our landlord walks in smiling. "Well, Morgan said he'd be happy to help you find a home." "Yes! We won't be homeless for a week like I had imagined." I get weird looks from both Louis & Jeremy. "You're a dork oh my god." Jeremy tells me. We finish our tea & before we leave, we give Jeremy back the key.  "Bye guys! Have fun in London! & don't forget to visit." Jeremy yells as we pull out of the driveway. "Most definitely!" Louis yells back while driving off. 


We plan to be in London by morning; depending on how many times we stop to hunt. We prefer animals but on special nights we drink from humans. Aha. We're in London by morning like planned but it's early so we check in at a motel. "Hello." A lady at the front desk says. "Hi, can we get a key, please?" "Yeah sure. Here you are. Room 6." "Thank you." I say grabbing the key from her & running to the room. I'm so tired. We're not the vampires who don't sleep. That'd suck, sleep is too great to not do it. "Harryyy please??" Louis is begging again, ugh. He insists on cuddling but I'm too tired. "Lou, no, it's 5 o'clock in the morning, I'm tired. Please just go to sleep?" "Fine." He mumbles climbing into bed & wrapping his arms around my waist & resting his head on my shoulder. We have to get up to meet Morgan at noon. Hopefully we find a decent house. "Don't forget to set the alarm, Lou." He grabs his phone & turns the alarm on. "All set, can I have a goodnight kiss?" I turn to look at him, he's puckering his lips lol. "Yes, babe." I give him a kiss & we fall asleep. 


Yayayaya chapter one! Sorry it's short. Chapter two will be longer :) xx

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