Everything I Wanted but Nothing I'll Ever Need

Harry Styles & his boyfriend Louis move to London from Cheshire in hopes of meeting new people who were like them. Vampires. They meet Zayn, Niall, & Liam who are vampires as well. Everything was perfect. Or was it? All five boys run into a few hardships & make decisions that will change their undead lives.

*If you don't ship Larry or any others as boyfriends & have a problem, please don't read. I don't want to see any comments saying they're not gay or anything like that. xx*


2. Finding Our Home

Louis' POV


The alarm goes off. It's 11:30. I look over at Harry who is completely oblivious to the ringing of the alarm. "Haz, c'mon get up. It's 11:30." He just mumbles a 'no I'm still tired.' He's always this way, I swear he's just like a human. All they ever want to do is sleep & eat & live their lives on the Internet. "Harry you have five seconds to be up & out of bed or I'm making you get up." He tucks his head under the blanket. "Alright, fine." I say as I roll over onto him, starting to jump up & down on his side. He groans as I'm putting all my weight on him. He finally opens his eyes, they're red. "Someone is upset." He stares coldly at me. "No shit, Sherlock." "I told you I'd make you get up if you didn't." He rolls his eyes & jumps out of bed; leaving me sitting there alone. I stand & grab my phone. 11:37. "Harry! Hurry, we've got to leave within the next 10 minutes." I yell as I grab a shirt from my bag & pull it over my head. Seconds later Harry is out from the bathroom & fully clothed. "Where are we meeting Morgan?" Almost as if Morgan could hear what Harry said I received a text from him saying to meet at the house he wanted to show us. He must have gotten my number from Jeremy. He texted the street & address & we finished getting ready before grabbing our belongings & heading out the door. Harry went outside & got into the van while I ran to the front desk to pay for the night we spent here & joined Harry in the vehicle. "Ready!?" He asks with excitement. "Totally ready." 


We drove for about 15 minutes before pulling onto the street where the house is located. We see Morgan standing in the front lawn of the house, he's smiling big & waving. Harry waves back really fast, he's so excited & it's so cute I could die. Ya know, if I weren't already dead. Aha. I park the van in the driveway & we both get out to greet Morgan. "Harry, Louis! Greetings, greetings. It's so nice to meet you two." He says reaching out a hand. I take it. "It's just as nice to meet you, Morgan. I'm Louis, & this is my boyfriend, Harry." Harry's cheeks reden & he cuddles into my side. "Hello, Harry." "Hi." We walk to the backyard before anything to see what it looks like. It's fairly large. With a pool in the ground. A little bar area. Also, a shed that's painted yellow. "Once we meet some friends were having a welcoming party." Harry says to me. "Hell yeah. It'd be whicked." Morgan grins at our comments & asks us to follow him back to the front where we're lead inside to see a large living area, already decorated with paintings, & sofas, & a television. The walls are painted a really pretty shade of blue. We're then lead into the dining room that's also painted blue, then the kitchen. "Yay, my favourite room of any house." We're vampires but we eat anything. "Mine also." Morgan says laughing. It's so bright & pretty in here. The walls are a lovely shade of yellow, the counters are marble, the refrigerator is a silver; matching the colour of marble. It all just looks so nice. 


We're lead upstairs where we find two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a mini library, a few hallway closets, & a staircase to the attic. Then downstairs where the basement is full. There's two other bathrooms down here & another two bedrooms. The space in the entire house is amazing. It's big & nice & I'm falling more & more in love with it all. There's even another living area with sofa, a computer desk, a mini fridge, & a closet. "Not really feeling the wall colour down here." Harry whispers in my ear. "Yeah, me either. We'll re-paint, it'll be fun." After we've seen every room in the house Morgan asks us whether or not we want it. "It's fantastic. Beautiful." Harry says. "What's the price again?" I ask. "Ahh, there is no price. Just the mortgage that you'll pay every month." Harry & my eyes widen & we look as if we're going to lose them. "Are you serious?! Holy shit." My mouth is still hung agape. "Absolutely serious. Other than the common electricity bills & cable & what not. As far as actually paying to buy the house, you don't have to. You're very nice people & good friends with my best mate, Jeremy. I couldn't possibly ask you to pay." The shock is real. Harry thanks him & gives him a hug before he tells us goodbye & leaves. "This was amazing! I can't believe we don't have to pay, sign who knows how many papers, & have to wait a few days, & he even left the key on the kitchen counter!" Harry says spotting the key, he runs & grabs it & brings it back to me. "It's mental." I say taking the key from Harry's hand. "Guess what is also mental." His stomach growls & then mine does to. We haven't eaten. "I hear ya. What sounds good, blood or actual food?" Harry stands there thinking then decides he wants a burger & chips. "Anything else? Lord knows you're a bottomless pit when eating." "For now I'll be alright. Maybe go out for a hunt in a few hours." We decide to walk to the nearest fast food restaurant & we'll unload the van when we get back. 


Two hours later & we have eaten, come home & unpacked all of our things. We'll re-paint the basement some other time. Right now I want to relax. Settle down & find a good film to watch. Maybe go for a swim later. I don't know, depends on whether or not I feel like it.

Harry's POV


The house is basically in order & Louis is settled down on the sofa, clicking through channels trying to find a film. I have something else in mind. I tip-toe behind Louis & slowly lower my head & start kissing on the back of his neck. "Haz?" "Mmhm?" "Whatcha doin?" He turns his head to look at me. "Well...first night in a new house. I-I wanted to..-" "Have sex?" Louis finished my sentence. I nod my head & Louis smirks. "& I'm guessing you want to top?" My eyes sparkle, meaning yes. "Okay, big boy, have at it." My lips returning to Louis' neck. Kissing, nipping, sucking all over it. A groan comes from his mouth & I smirk against his neck. He grabs my hair & pulls my head down making me flip over the sofa. Louis is on top of me within seconds, he's so used to being the dominate one. Not tonight. "No, Lou." I mumbled as I quickly shot up from my submissive position, grabbed Louis, threw him over my shoulder, & ran upstairs to our room. I shoved Louis into the wall, ripping his shirt from his torso & violently sucking on his left nipple. He was whimpering. Oh my fucking god that makes me so horny. Whimper some more, ugh. I stopped for a few seconds to remove all my clothes. I'm stood naked while Louis starts to fully undress. Once both of us are naked I grabbed Lou by his neck & yanked him onto the bed. We snogged for what seemed like hours & Louis went to grab his dick. I stopped him. "Tsk, tsk. Mine." I growl. I put his dick in my mouth & started sucking. Bobbing my head up & down, with Louis moaning loudly. "Jesus fucking Christ, Haz. Uhh." I smirk while still sucking. This goes on for a few minutes. "Ah, shit, Harry please I don't want to cum yet." I stop, I don't want him to cum yet either. I grab him by his hips & flip him over putting him on all fours, aligning my dick to his asshole. "Raw." I whisper in his ear. 'What?' was all I heard before shoving into him. A scream came from his mouth & his fangs came out. He hissed at me, it was more of a lustful hiss rather than being angry. "Ha-Harry. Ughhhh." "Shit, Lou, so tight, feels so nice. Uhh." My fangs were out as I worked him. Being vampires, sex is always great due to the speed & that we don't run out of breath. "Ohmygodd, Harry!" Louis bucked his hips backward causing me to go further into him. "I can't...ahhhh." I was so into it. I didn't even notice I had leaned forward & bitten Louis' neck. It didn't hurt him though. He was shouting out in pleasure with the contact. I continued to fuck him almost senseless. "Lou..I'm close. Fuck." "Shut the fuck up & ruin me you little shit." Ugh, he speaks so dirty. That was it. I went full speed, both of us shouting out profanity. I didn't stop, I didn't want to stop. It felt so damn good. Louis bit his tongue to keep from yelling so loud the whole neighbourhood would wake up. I feel heat in my lower abdomen. "Shiit!" I yell as my stomach turns & I'm shooting cum into Louis' asshole. "Ha-harry.." Louis whimpered before cumming himself. "Fuuck!" He collapses onto the bed & turns on his back while I collapse on top of him. "I have got to let you top more." "Yes, yes you do." He smiles & kisses me. "Oh & Lou." "Hm?" I look into his eyes, "Welcome to our new home."


GKASDFNJLASRUIGTGSDF Chapter two holy shit. I screamed a few times writing the sex part ;p Longer than the first? It took me like 3 hours to finish this due to exercising & eating haha. If there's any mistakes, whoops. But yeah.. I'll have chapter 3 up tomorrow! :D xx



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